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Comicality's Shack Out Back

= The New Kid In School Series =

New Kid In School
Kiss Of An Angel
Arcade Junkie
Ryan's Heart
Will Power

= Major Series =

A Class By Himself
Jesse-101: Online Celebrity
My Only Escape
On The Outside
Waiting Outside The Lines
Picture Me And You

= The Secret Life Of Billy Chase Series =

[Book 1] [Book 2][Book 3][Book 4][Book 5][Book 6][Book 7][Book 8]

= Gone From Daylight Series =

Gone From Daylight: Genesis
Gone From Daylight: Resurrection
Gone From Daylight: Hunting Grounds
Gone From Daylight: The Beauty And The Darkness
Gone From Daylight: Mask Of Shadows
Gone From Daylight: Revelations
Gone From Daylight: Renegade
Gone From Daylight: Threshold
Gone From Daylight: Pride And Prophecy
Gone From Daylight: Nights Eternal
Gone From Daylight: Born Of Fire
Gone From Daylight: Blood Ties

= GFD Related Series =

Taryn's Song
We Are Many
Lost In Shadow

(For these vampire spinoff stories and much MUCH more from the “GFD" saga, visit the "GFD: Blood Bank" website! And enjoy!)

= Savage Moon Series =

Savage Moon: Discovery
Savage Moon: Embraced
Savage Moon: Descent
Savage Moon: Forsaken
Savage Moon: Unleashed
Savage Moon: The New Breed

= Sci Fi Stories =

Light Reaches Earth
Of he Flesh
Agenda 21
Dream Lover
Empty Corners (Premium Members Only)
Magic Man

= Other Popular Stories =

Save Or Sacrifice
Between The Lines
A Whole Other You
Boy #6
Just What I Ordered
Never Again
All Eyes Watching
Just By Chance
Left Without Words
Lost In Question (Premium Members Only)
My One True Weakness
Not Like The Others
Pretty Poison

= Classic Short Stories =

2 Below
Beneath The Surface
Final Hour
If Only In My Dreams
More Than I Remember
The Boy Next Door
Opposite Reaction
Sibling Rivalry
Whispered Words
Decisions In Love
Home Is Where The Heart Is
True Or False
A Fool In Love
A Friend Of A Friend
Just Out Of Reach
Summer Love
Kiss And Make Up
Lessons In Love
Nothing Wrong With Love
Not Yet Visible
One Night, Why Not?
Out Of Hollywood
A Perfect Picture
Saying I Do
Some Time Alone
Eddie And Me
Someone For Me
A Stepbrother I Could Love
Summer School
Diamond In The Rough
To Be More Than Friends
Unnatural Attraction
Summer Songs
Wish, Wonder, And Wait
Wishful Thinking
Worth Waiting For

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