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Advertise on Gay Authors!

So, you have an eBook, novel or site you want to promote? Gay Authors has a large audience of committed readers of gay stories. We're happy to help you out with promoting your stuff.

What are the rules?

We mention this first because of our own obligations with our business partners. Gay Authors advertising must be appropriate for a general audience. Specifically, that means no explicit images and no links to explicit sites. We expect links to blogs, your Facebook author page, or a place to buy your eBook or even published books.

All ads get approved prior to appearing on site.

For more details, please see the rules and advertising section on our FAQ page.

What's next?

We have a two-stage process to become an advertiser here on Gay Authors. The first thing you must do after understanding the rules, is to select Advertiser in our Store. This provides access to a special forum and activates the advertising options in the store.

How do I put on ad on the site?

This part is easy! Once you have access in the last step, the store opens up our advertising options.

  • Select the Advertising section and choose the option you want.
  • Add to the cart.
  • Add the link to your page
  • Upload your banner to the site
  • Check out

Your banner will appear after approval and rotate with other ads on the site.

If you have more questions, please see the FAQ or post in the Special Site Services Forum.

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