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Story and Story Comment Notifications

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As many of you have no doubt noticed, story notifications are now working.  Chances are you are getting a lot of notifications.  If you are and it's bugging you, I'd recommend trimming your notifications a bit.


Under your username in the upper right of the page, is "Notification Settings"



** Scroll down page until you see Stories **


Preferences will vary as to what and how you want to get notified.  These are my settings:



The right-hand column is email.  I get more than enough emails, so I have them all shut off.  You can turn them on, if you wish.  Just realize that you might get a lot of emails if you do.


Most of the issues we've been contacted occur because of the "Notify me when a comment is posted to a story I follow".  Since we get over 1000 comments posted to stories per week, that's a lot of potential notifications, if you are following a lot of active stories.


Hope this helps :)



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