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Software Update


We have just completed the first stage of a major software update for the site.  The forum software is now running 4.6.4.  This brings a number of changes and bug fixes.  A major new feature has been added, but we're not rolling it out right now. It requires a lot of set up and we're not ready with that yet.

  • The new feature we have not activated yet is Achievements.  We'll roll that out soon.
  • Marking issues as solved.  The Help forum will not operate like a normal forum with the ability to mark an issue as addressed. This forum will no longer have the weird behavior where posts aren't in order.
  • Added new story feature to the Tags filter.  a Logic "And Without".  Example you can now filter stories for tag Werewolf AND WITHOUT tag Vampire. This will show you all stories that have the werewolf tag and do not have a vampire tag.
  • Push notifications. Next time you log into the site, your browser should ask if you wish to allow the site to push notifications to you. 

We also updated the default email notification settings. You can re-adjust them here to fit your desire: https://gayauthors.org/notifications/options/

Keep an eye out for further updates over the next few days.  And report any odd issues/bugs in the Help forum with as much information as possible so we can recreate the issue. Or screenshots if you are able.

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