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New Achievements Feature

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The New Achievements feature is currently in the process of deploying.  If you happen to be on site in the window of time between me turning it on and the rebuild starting, you'd have gotten some notifications of the Achievement that now say you don't have access to the page.  It is going to take about 24 hours for the system to build the achievement list for all members. When it is done building, it will show on your profile.

Some important notes:

  • This is the first deployment on the community and the points, badges, and ranks will most likely be adjusted. As much as we tested beforehand, real world data is needed to make realistic settings.
  • The achievements lean heavily into rewarding Stories content.  Whether that is new stories, new chapters or comments and reviews, there are higher point values and more badges in that direction to start off.
  • We'll be starting with a level ground as far as achievements go.  That's what the rebuilding process is doing. Everything you've done on the site since you joined will be included and rewarded.

Here is a sample from my profile on the test server:


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