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Gay Authors News blog focuses on items of interest for our entire site with an emphasis on stories.

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R.I.P Comicfan (aka Wayne)

This is not a blog post that I thought I'd ever have to make, and it pains me greatly to write it now, so please bear with me. It is with a saddened heart that I must announce the passing of my dear friend, and fellow author, Wayne, aka @comicfan He's gone by many titles on GA over the years, though most of you may know him as the "prompt guru" who posted prompts every Friday to help get the writing juices flowing. Wayne was definitely one of a kind, and never had a bad word to say abo

Ask An Author 3.0 #8

Whoopsie-daisies! Missed the deadline by a few hours, but don't you worry! Ask An Author is here, and we got a story for you. Without further ado, let's get celestial! • • • • • The Lesser Evil ObicanDecko Edwin is a young shop owner living a quiet life in the kingdom of Wisian, but that peace is shattered when his best friend vanishes without a trace. Desperate for help, he meets a mysterious man offering his assistance - a seductive demon named Lothar. As attraction betwe

August's CSR Feature: Still You Want Me by MrsGnomie

In honor of her recent promotion to GA Signature Author, I am featuring MrsGnomie's first submission to GA posted back in 2018! Can you believe it's been that long? Now, the story is also longer than most of our CSR reads, but I know many get sucked right into her stories and can't put them down which fits right into our Can't Stop Reading-CSR theme! Please enjoy.  Still You Want Me by @Mrsgnomie Length: 115,768 Description: Colin begins a new job and befriends Charles, a soc


Cia in CSR- Can't Stop Reading

Weekly Wrap Up (Jul 25 - Jul 31)

Nope, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, you've got me to finish out the week, and the month. I'm not as good as Steve with the intro's, so let's just get right into it. We only had a couple of blogs this week, so since this will be a quick wrap up, I'll just do a quick reminder to start it out. If you're interested in writing for the next anthology, you have 3 months left to get your story written and to the proof team. The deadline for the fall anthology is October 31st and you have

Renee Stevens

Renee Stevens in Weekly Wrap Up

July's CSR Feature: Stories Written on Lined Paper Discussion Day

Well, this month was a little different with an anthology of sorts by a single author, giving you the chance to pick and choose among the stories if you weren't up to reading all of them. Make sure you share your thoughts in the comments below, but first, enjoy this interview where Drew spills all (including what story he cameos in... can you guess which one before you read it?) Do you eat your fruits and vegetables? Yes, I try to get my five portions a day. What’s a good meal without

Weekly Wrap Up (Jul. 18 - Jul. 24)

Hello Everyone   We missed a weekly update last week as we felt it was best to honour Wayne through the weekend.  We also had a really, Really, REALLY Big Announcement this week   Monday things got back to normal with Cia presenting our Classic Author of the month (psst, you didn't hear it here  but Monday is @shadowgod's birthday. He is affectionately known as Steve1): That meant on Wednesday, Cia was back with the Classic Author Excerpt: Thursday was that big announc

GA's Newest Signature Author: Mrsgnomie

Please join the Author Promotion Team in congratulating Mrsgnomie as GA's newest Signature Author! While Mrsgnomie has only been a member of GA for three years, in that time she's written some very popular stories including Boss Nanny and Tied up in Knotts. If you want to check out her stories, please visit her author page. It's definitely worth a visit! Congratulations Mrsgnomie on your well deserved promotion.                    

July Classic Author Feature: Almost Home by Shadowgod

I've featured long reads, stories to take you to other times or places.... so how about we do another snippet of a week in the snow in the sunny heat of July in this bite-sized feature "Almost Home" by Shadowgod.  Length: 2,782 Description: There was nothing Bryson and James wanted more than to get away from the stress of college, and once Bryson had convinced him, James was sure that this ski trip was the perfect way to do just that. Their week together in the snow would turn ou

Featured Story: Trophy Cub

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a blast here at my house, celebrating our little mans 3rd birthday!  To start you week off, we have this great review for you to check out. Enjoy! Trophy Cub Grumpy Bear Reviwer: Chris191070 Status: Complete Word Count: 78,733 This isn't your normal were-creature story, in fact the first few chapters contain quite disturbing content. If you find scenes of rape, violence and group sex disturbing then this isn't the story for you. But

Weekly Wrap Up (Jul. 4 - Jul. 10)

Well it is 1:15 AM in my neck of the woods. Why you ask, am I up so late? Well yesterday was the kick off of the Calgary Stampede  This really the first big event to be held in Canada. Yesterday numbers were small, but today seemed like normal Saturday. I volunteer at the grounds so I felt good enough to try and do it again this year. If it helps the charities that have basically been shut down the past 16 months, than it is the least I can do   Now, who cares about the Stampede? I do!!! Bu

July 2021 Newsletter

Hi All!  This email went out on July 5th.  Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that not everyone got.  Investing the report, I found we were about 1000 people short of what should have sent for reason unknown.  I therefore am posting it here so people don't get spammed if we posted it again.    Thank You, Subscribers! Thank you to all our Premium Membership subscribers.  Premium keeps the lights on here at Gay Authors and we invest in new content as well as further


Myr in Announcement

Ask An Author 3.0 #7

I promise, I won't sing this time! But it is the first Wednesday of the month and we got three more questions to answer. As soon as I got the message to go bother this author, I put my little "press" cap on and booked it! It's @Aditus, one of GA's Signature Authors! Are you excited? I definitely am! Let's jump into the interview! • • • • • The King's Mate Aditus TKM - a three book series detailing the lives of Diarmad, King of the Seraei--an aggressive alien species--and Noel, h

July's CSR Feature: Stories Written on Lined Paper by Drew Payne

How is July treating you? Sweltering in a swimsuit or swimming in wool to stay warm depending on your hemisphere? We've passed the midway mark for the year but we're still in the thick of 2021. How about slowing down when you need a break and enjoying something a little different... An anthology of sorts. You can pick any of Drew Payne's "Stories Written on Lined Paper" to read (or all of them on different days) and share your thoughts on the discussion day!  Stories Written on Lined Paper

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 27 - Jul. 3)

Howdy Ho! So this week has been very unusual for me  All week we here in western Canada have been hit by what the Western US has had as well. We've been in a heat dome Normally our average temp is 22 C (71.6F) and all week we were above the mid 30's (95F)  I was melting!!! Things could have been worse, one small village in British Columbia broke Canadian records by reaching 49.6 C (121.28). Then a  nearby fire happened and now over 80% of the entire town is gone  Downtown, houses, mostly ev

June CSR Discussion Day: Misunderstood by Marty

Are you dying in the weather where you are? It's well over 100 here, so I'm hiding indoors. What better way to beat the heat than enjoy my interview with Marty and discuss his story, Misunderstood, featured in this month's CSR? I could use some cold, even if it's just reading about it!   Chocolate or Vanilla? I'm going to assume you are referring to ice cream here. So, if that's the only choice I am being given, I would have to choose vanilla (although raspberry would be my first prefe

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun 20 - Jun 26)

Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these, let's see if I remember how!  I'm going to get right to it before little fingers come help me (he's supposed to be sleeping, but that doesn't always happen). So let's get right into it! Before Cia could kick off the Classic Author Week, Myr jumped in on Sunday with a couple of blogs about updates to the site. Then for Monday and Wednesday, Cia brought us the Classic Author Features! Going back a day, on Tuesday I (Renee) share

Changes Coming to Profiles

As the schedule currently sits, we are planning on upgrading the forum software to the newest version in the next couple of weeks depending on how the software patching process for the Stories Archive software goes.  As part of that roll out, I'll be changing how we handle new member registration as well as the information available in the profile.  One of the more visible changes is that we are going to remove the birthday and Age in Years fields and replace it with the Age Range demographic op

2021 Spring Anthology Wrap Up

So, has everyone read all the anthologies?  If not, here's another chance to check them out!       2021 Spring Anthology Support Team Anthology Coordinator Renee Stevens Tech Support Myr Proof Team Rec Valkyrie Parker Owens Anthology Banner Creation Mann Ramblings  

June Classic Author Feature: Yankee by The Zot

June is Pride month! We often see stories of coming out or teenage coming of age stories that are very popular during this month. They are read as inspiration, a reminder, a hope... whatever the reason, they exist because we still struggle this battle. So how about a Classic to remember?  Length: 80,483 Description: Justin's a fish out of water no matter where he goes, and never more so than when this Boston kid has to move to rural Georgia. Sometimes things don't work out the wa

Consolidating Blogs

As you may have read in the "Blog Updates" Announcement, we have consolidated various site blogs down to 2 different blogs. One for Writing and one for everything else.  The big tool that allows us to do that, and still find content is the "View a Category" option.  Here is an example from the Writing World Blog: When you select it, the categories pop up and you can select which ones you want to read.  Unfortunately, we have to manually update all the blogs to categorize them.  So the


Myr in Announcement

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 13 - Jun. 19)

I'm on holidays this week   It's pouring rain outside   I guess I can tolerate it as long as it ends on Sunday, I am going camping to the mountains during the week. Nothing like enjoying a hot day by a mountain lake and jump into it to cool down. Are you crazy   That water is COLD!!! My boys will be hidden upside of me for at least a week! Well I hope you have a great week as well. We had a bit quieter week here at the GA Blog. Shall we take a look back just in case you missed any
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