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Gay Authors News blog focuses on items of interest for our entire site with an emphasis on stories.

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November CSR Discussion Day: A Soldier's Guide to Single Parenting by Dodger

Welcome to our November CSR Discussion day with GA's newest Signature author, Dodger! Did you have chance to congratulate him before? If not, you can do so here, plus share a thought about his featured story, A Soldier's Guide to Single Parenting, or my interview with him! Enjoy! What are you wearing (and no fibbing!)? No fibbing? Okay. Only sweatpants and a t-shirt, which, like their owner, have seen better days. I just got up, and it's my day off, so I'm probably going to stay like t


Cia in CSR- Can't Stop Reading

November CSR Feature: A Soldier's Guide to Single Parenting by Dodger

November and the months keep rolling by toward the end of 2022 already. Life is what happens when you're not really paying attention, and sometimes things change suddenly and then you have to try and make them work. Well, in this month's feature story we're going back in time and to the summer months to see how this newly single father handles all that life throws at him. I couldn't believe I hadn't already featured this story before, but now you can for this month's CSR. Don't forget to come ba

October CSR Feature: There Once Was Love by Remijay

Happy October, readers, and another start of the CSR Can't Stop Reading story feature so you can hopefully find another gem you missed or return to a story you enjoyed in the past. Which will Remijay's story There Once Was Love be for you? There Once Was Love by Remijay Length: 62,597 Description: This story is about a teen that has everything a boy his age wants. Except a few necessary things. Read along as his story unfolds. A Reader Said: A very realistic ending that

September CSR Discussion Day: La Bella Vacanza by James Carnarvon

Well, how has your September gone? Do you feel like you need a vacation? I do! If you do too, I hope that you took it and enjoyed a bit of a sidetale with James Carnarvon's La Bella Vacanza! Make sure you share your thoughts in a comment below this interview.  Do you eat your fruits and vegetables? Yes! I especially like Mediterranean vegetables like aubergines, courgettes and tomatoes… which should surprise exactly no-one… What do you like to do when you’re not writing? I lo

September CSR Feature: La Bella Vacanza by James Carnarvon

Can you believe it's already September? I can't! So to go back to that holiday feeling, I've featured La Bella Vacanza by James Carnarvon. This story is linked to his series, but somewhat of an aside, so you can read it and enjoy a sampling of the tales.  La Bella Vacanza by @James Carnarvon Length: 22,202 Description: A light-hearted novella in seven short chapters. Sixteen-year-old Reza thinks he knows it all until his parents drag him away on a summer holiday to Ravel

August CSR Discussion Day: The Seventh Wing by Dark

August flew right on by, and if you were a science fiction geek like me, or if you love dragons, you enjoyed reading about the flying in Dark's Pern fanfiction, The Seventh Wing, that was featured earlier this month. Make sure you share your thoughts in a comment below his interview!  If you were an animal, what would you be?  Vampire Deer What do you like to do when you’re not writing?  Read, read, read!  I also sing in a choir and paint DnD miniatures for my brother and hi

August CSR Feature: The Seventh Wing by Dark

How do you feel about dragons? They're some of my favorites! I also love to feature all different kinds of stories for the CSR. Established authors, promoted, new authors, brand new stories or stories that are the latest in a long list of author's backlist. Dark said that was the first specific MM fanfic of Anne McCaffrey's Pern stories written and shared on GA, and I thought it'd be good to return to the series roots. What did you think of it?!  The Seventh Wing by @Dark Length:

July CSR Discussion Day: Him in the Dust by James Matthews

Welcome to the last Monday of the month. I hope it's gone well for you, and if not, you're here not to enjoy this interview 😉 with @James Matthews and share your thoughts on his story, Him in the Dust. Don't be shy now!!  Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point? I really had to think about this question before giving an honest answer. I'd say my bed is unmade most of the time. I do like to get into a made bed as I'm sure we all do so on a weeke

July CSR Feature: Him in the Dust by James Matthews

Happy July, folks! Can you believe the year is half over? I can't! I thought I'd share a story that has a theme that is as enduring as these last few years seem to be... war. It's a heavy topic, but readers seem to enjoy James Matthew's departure from his normal fiction to share his work with Him in the Dust. What did you think? You'll get a chance to share your thoughts on the discussion day on Monday, July 25th.  Him in the Dust by @James Matthews Length: 33,793 Description

June CSR Discussion Day: Dolphin Delivery by Carlos Hazday

Well, I don't know about what it's like where you are, but I'm stuck in a heat wave. What a time for some ocean-related story fun! I can imagine enjoying the cool water now, and if there were dolphins? *squee* I hope you enjoyed reading, or re-reading Carlos's Earth Day story, Dolphin Delivery. Share your thoughts in the comments below after you enjoy my interview with him!    Who do you like best, Jerry or Tom? Jerry Maguire or Tom Cruise? Aren’t they the same person? LOL. I

June CSR Feature: Dolphin Delivery by Carlos Hazday

So I'm a huge sucker for ocean animal stories--even if they aren't paranormal ones. As one of GA's most popular authors, I knew if I picked one of Carlos' works, readers would love to share their thoughts and comments on the discussion day, and it's been far too long since his last CSR feature. So if you have a short reading window, pick this story to read, or reread! As a bonus, Carlos has 4 total Earth Day stories to enjoy, so you can keep reading if you get caught up in his storytelling. 

May CSR Discussion Day: A Marching Band Story by Jacob Windigo

How's the month treated you? Can you believe we're already at almost halfway through 2022?! As my school year draws to a close, and I think about the changes my graduating senior and soon to be junior are going through, I know all the drama of teen stories is REAL! What did you think of this month's story? Share your thoughts below after you read Jacob's answers to the interview questions.  Chocolate or Vanilla? Definitely vanilla! While chocolate is a good flavor, sometimes it can jus

May CSR Feature: A Marching Band Story by Jacob Windigo

May already?! Well, in honor of the school year coming to a close in much of the US, I thought I'd feature a H.S. coming of age story which is quite popular on GA. So... this one time... at band camp. I know, I just dated myself, but maybe that gives you a hint at the story! It's not too long, and you have 4 full weeks to read it so I hope you will enjoy it.  A Marching Band Story by @Jacob Windigo Length: 32,810 Description: Jarrod, a closeted gay high school senior, is the

April CSR Discussion Day: Corporate Galactic by astone2292

April showers bring... well, snow in my neck of the woods! It seems like everywhere I looked online people were talking about strange weather. Life on Earth has been rough the last few years, but could it be worse? That's explored in astone2292's story based on our prompt game, Corporate Galactic. Did you enjoy these snapshots in future time? Share your thoughts below, and enjoy my interview with him too! Do you eat your fruits and vegetables? Do wine and cheddar broccoli soup count?

April CSR Feature: Corporate Galactic by astone2292

Sorry for the late start, but the upside is this month's selection--while also being one of my favorite genres--is a short story. I hope you will enjoy Corporate Galactic by astone2292 and come back on the CSR Discussion day!  Corporate Galactic by @astone2292 Length: 10,247 Description: Companies were always out to make a profit. They want to sell product, expand their business, and wreck the competition. As technology advanced, so did efficiency. Like most planets in the Ga

March CSR Discussion Day: Ridley by Krista

Who enjoyed reading Ridley by Krista? If you did, please make sure you share your thoughts on the story in the comments below. In the meantime, enjoy the interview with her below!  If you were an animal, what would you be? – I used to be into nature documentaries, until I found out they were mostly stock footage with a fake story/narration based on loose science. I’ve always liked Leopards though; they are beautiful and female leopards are one of the more elegant animals in nature. I k

March CSR Feature: Ridley by Krista

Welcome to March's CSR! I've decided to feature a short-novel length story that's bound to create a connection for many of us to those youthful teen days which resonated with the many readers who read, commented, and reviewed Ridley by Krista. I hope you will enjoy the story if you haven't read it yet and will come back on the discussion day to help encourage Krista to write part two... if she isn't already. Hmm... maybe a question for the interview? Ridley by @Krista Length: 33,4

February CSR Feature: The Connecticut River Boys by Tallguyct

Well, can you believe we're already one month into 2022? How's your year going? Do you have plans for this month's love fest day? Or is the day after chocolate discount day more your thing? Whatever your love life is like, you can enjoy this month's tale of love, loss, woe and wooing in Tallguyct's short novel, The Connecticut River Boys.    The Connecticut River Boys by Tallguyct Length: 45,178 Description: Following the party where Dave and Craig, both in their 60s, ce

CSR Discussion Day: Dragonborne by Xfighter1984

Welcome back to this first CSR feature of the 2022! I couldn't help but start off with a bit of magic and one of my favorite fantasy creatures, dragons! What did you think of Xfighter1984's story, Dragonborne? Share your thoughts in the comments below, but first enjoy this interview where he shares a few insights about him and teases about more!  Do you eat your fruits and vegetables? Fruits more than veggies Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla, but really strawberry if I can find

January CSR Feature: Dragonborne by Xfighter1984

Well, I don't know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time facing the rest of winter after the magic of the holiday season has ended. Now it's just extreme weather and no fun... so I thought we'd enjoy some magic of a different sort and the fun of a coming-of-age short story with Xfighter1984's fantasy tale Dragonborne. And for those who like their tales to continue... a little birdie (read: the author note at the bottom of the last chapter) says there more in store for this world. So if you

December CSR Discussion Day: Sidewinder by Headstall

Welcome to our last CSR Discussion day of 2021! What better way than with this interview with Headstall's story, Sidewinder. Did you read it? I admit I'm a country girl so I enjoy a good western tale done right. What did you think of the story? Share your thoughts in the comments below, but first you get to enjoy my interview with Headstall!    Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate, hands down. If you were an animal, what would you be? A faithful, devoted companion, like a dog


Cia in CSR- Can't Stop Reading

December CSR Feature: Sidewinder by Headstall

Well, it's come. The final CSR feature of 2021... and what better than a time-traveling tale of the Old West? Headstall shares his passion for the genre with this comment on his story: "What was life like for a gay man in the Old West? Westerns are not a popular genre, but this author grew up on them, and I wrote this for me. This is my second story set in these times, and I wanted to explore how these men coped... how they survived, and what the attitudes of the times were. A lot of research we


Cia in CSR- Can't Stop Reading

November CSR Discussion Day: Bloom by Dabeagle

How has November treated you? I can't believe we're almost done with this year, but in the same respect it just can't go fast enough! I felt like that when I was reading Dabeagle's story, Bloom. I wanted to know what happened next so I kept reading faster and faster, but I wanted to savor it before it would end too soon.... as all good stories do! What did you think? Share your thoughts below, but first, enjoy these interview questions he answered first! Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate


Cia in CSR- Can't Stop Reading

November CSR Feature: Bloom by Dabeagle

Welcome to the next to last month of 2021! I hope it treats you right, and to get you started on the right direction, we have a good-sized novel by Dabeagle to enjoy for this month's CSR, or Can't Stop Reading, book club feature! What did you think of it? Make sure you're ready to comment at the end of the month!  Bloom by @Dabeagle Length: 69,943 Description: Hunter has plans and reasons. Get the hell out of Park Terrace, power through college to get to New York City where h


Cia in CSR- Can't Stop Reading

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