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Gay Authors News blog focuses on items of interest for our entire site with an emphasis on stories.

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July 2021 Newsletter

Hi All!  This email went out on July 5th.  Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that not everyone got.  Investing the report, I found we were about 1000 people short of what should have sent for reason unknown.  I therefore am posting it here so people don't get spammed if we posted it again.    Thank You, Subscribers! Thank you to all our Premium Membership subscribers.  Premium keeps the lights on here at Gay Authors and we invest in new content as well as further


Myr in Announcement

Consolidating Blogs

As you may have read in the "Blog Updates" Announcement, we have consolidated various site blogs down to 2 different blogs. One for Writing and one for everything else.  The big tool that allows us to do that, and still find content is the "View a Category" option.  Here is an example from the Writing World Blog: When you select it, the categories pop up and you can select which ones you want to read.  Unfortunately, we have to manually update all the blogs to categorize them.  So the


Myr in Announcement

Reviewers Needed - Short & Long term

As many of you know, we have an absolutely wonderful team of reviewers here at Gay Authors. The are the ones responsible for all the wonderful reviews you see at least once a month, sometimes twice! Sometimes real life gets in the way and our reviewers struggle to provide more than a couple of reviews a year. We're looking for some more reviewers to help us out! This is open to all GA members.  Can't commit to reviews on a regular basis? That's perfectly okay!  Maybe you've read an awe
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