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Adventures in Rampaging

So I fell off with my blogging, obviously, but honestly it's for the best. The last few months were important, but would've been unpleasant to read about week by week.   To sum things up:   1) We've moved closer to campus, chopping fifty entire minutes off my commute, which has been game changing.   2) The "we" in question is the sort-of boyfriend I seemed so dead-set on breaking up with in my last entry. I'm not interested in hashing out exactly what all has happen

Blogs Are Binding Contracts

I'm sorry to clutter up the blog page with blogs. My original plan was to do one a week, but I need to emergency blog! I'm sorry if it's not reader-friendly.   I pulled the trigger on the break-up sooner than I had expected, but it just kind of happened today. I just took a sleeping pill plus my benzo at the same time (don't worry, they're safe to take together) so I don't have too much time to type before Z-town, but I just need to clear my head a bit.   I know I need this break-up. The lin




Tossing Grenades

I’m choosing to believe it was not a coincidence that I had a couple of productive, positive days after I blogged last week. For those of you who are mostly only readers here, I really suggest you try it out for yourself. I was glad, also, to have heard from some familiar faces. This community really is, in general, remarkably kind.   As promised, I had my last drink about sixteen hours ago, picked up my benzodiazepine pills in the afternoon, and now I’m on the road to sustained sobriety, one




I Want To Line Up And Punch In The Face Most Past Versions Of Myself

It's been over a decade since I first joined GA, though I've been mostly absent for a few years now, and past versions of me that were mad at other past versions of me erased a lot of what I/we/they posted here. Part of me is sad, because I'm sure I could've wrung a lot of nostalgia out of some of what I deleted, but part of me is also glad, because I'm sure there would have been a lot to cringe over anyway.   So: hello again, those of you who remember me, and hello also to the wee little neop



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