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Music, Pain and Redemption

Welcome back to my stable! Sorry for the long gap, but this colt has been a bit wooly. This is my first entry since I have come out of hospital again, and I'm in that strange space where I want to write but dont know where to start, so today's entry is probably a bit wooly like me. It has a point, and is sort of related to where I've come from and what's been going on, and sort of not. Please forgive my rambling and check back for later and better entries, but for the moment here it is.   Musi



The Black Dog

Welcome back! Pull up a hay bale, grab a bag of oats, and welcome to the next installment of Roan's Stable.   Woof!   I grew up with two black dogs playing a prominent role in my life. One was called Whitey, a mutt of indeterminate parentage who was my best friend as well as the only creature patient enough to help me work on my cricket skills (he perfected the ball return head flick early on so I could practice bowling. Even today I have to mentally include the feel of dog saliva when I get



Welcome - So How Are You?

Welcome! Pull up a hay bale, take a load off and enjoy some time in Roan's Stable!   I decided to start a blog, a repository of thoughts, ideas and general randomness. Today is the first edition, so welcome and I apologise in advance for the lack of slick bloggy skills and my overall general cluelessness.   In this edition and future ones can be found; interesting links, philosophical discussions, gratuitous squirrel abuse, and occasionally chocolate. But mostly, it will be what's on my mind



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