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The advantage of being part of a quite large group of deaf people on a cruise...

Best part of a quite large group of deaf people on a cruise:   Taking over an entire hot tub that is already full in under 10 minutes!   Here's how it's done- Two deaf people enters, across from each other in the (already-full) hot tub, start signing to each other, grabbing the attention of people within.   3rd person comes in, perpendicular to the other two, then start signing too, causing the other two deaf persons to look at him/her, which in turn, cause the two people directly to the l



I came out to my boss at work today.

Today at work, it was a slow day, so I was kind of fiddling around at work. My boss knew something was bothering me. I guess she can read people well, so she asked if anything was bothering me, and if there was anything she could do to help me...   I decided to tell her what have been going on. never though I'd do that anytime soon. I was in the process of coming out. At that time, I was only out to my parents, and 3 of my best friends, as well as you guys here at GA. It really took me by surp



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