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Featuring everything new and experienced authors need to develop creative and technical skills. Check out writing development articles, our Word of the Day, writing prompts, anthology opportunities and more!

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Imagine if

Randy loves movies, either fantasy or science fiction, where the most inexplicable things happen.  What kind of strange things?  A monster bursting from a person's belly, a series of rooms that change the situation of various characters, or even a door that opens into another world.  In these stories, such things are not weird.  They are the stuff of imagination so, let's imagine if...   #235 - Your narrator is driving in a 2012 minivan when a time-travelling wizard appears in the seat

Cole Matthews

Cole Matthews in Prompts

Oh Sh** Prompts

We've all had moments where all we can do is say "oh, sh**" and then either brace for the inevitable or stare in disbelief as the inevitable cockily saunters past.  For example, I was driving home from work one day and was sitting in my car at a red light.  There was one car ahead of me.  The light turned green, and the car ahead of me proceeded through the intersection.  For some reason, I didn't go right away.  I hesitated and allowed a good couple of car lengths between us before proceeding. 


Valkyrie in Prompts

Building a mystery!

If you know me at all, you know I love a good mystery story.  Dame Agatha Christie, Jonathan Kellerman, Joseph Hansen, Martha Grimes, Earl Derr Biggers, Dashiell Hammett, Robert Parker, Minette Walters, Joe Lansdale, Wilkie Collins, and many many more all come to mind.  There is something intriguing about a whodunit or even a whydonit.  They are also such fantastic period pieces, where you journey to another place and live in a different time.  You can read about Dave Brandstetter in the 19
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