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Writing Tips focuses on tips, writing development articles, words of the day, writing prompts, and other ways to improve your writing skills.

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Writing Tip: Structuring & Punctuating Dialogue

Everyone who has ever tried to pass eighth grade knows what a pain grammar can be, and one of the worst things in my personal opinion is punctuating dialogue. As many of you know, Cia edits for me, and one of her favorite things to do is smack me around for not putting proper punctuation around my speech tags. So, in honor of my favorite fallacy she agreed to educate everyone – enjoy! Important rules about structuring and punctuating dialogue: Definition of a speech tag: Any descriptiv


Lugh in Writing Tips

Character Motivation

I always go through a certain three-part process when it comes to putting a story together in my head. The first part is creating the idea and the theme. What kind of tone will it have? Some stories can be playful and happy, others can be sad and deal with heavy subjects, others can be full of anger and/or regret. But whatever the story is about, I try to flesh that out first. It usually doesn't take very long as it's usually just a vague outline of what the story is about and a few of the event


Comicality in Articles

Prompt 872 and Prompt 873

Hello all you beautiful people. It's Friday again so that means prompts. Prompt 872 - Creative Tag - Animal As you pulled into your driveway you gave a sigh of relief. The rain was coming down in buckets as you hurried toward your door you paused swearing you heard a cry. As you went to move you heard a pitiful cry of pain. You look and find some sort of animal, hurt and bleeding in the bushes by your front door. You take inside to help it. As you carry the animal it leans into yo


comicfan in Prompts

Painting Yourself Into a Corner

You know, when I started the Comicality Library on Voy (http://www.voy.com/17262/), I found out that even when I tried to alter the length of the posts that were acceptable...my chapters were still a little bit too long to fit within the confines of the space that I was given. And I didn't want to put 85% of a chapter in one post, and a measly 15% in the second post, just to split them up to make them fit. That would have looked weird. And, to me, looking weird is bad presentation. As Stan

Prompts 870 and 871

Hi y'all!  Not who you were expecting this week, right?  Unfortunately, @comicfan is having some issues getting the site to load, so he asked me to share this week's prompts with you! Happy Writing! Prompt 870- Creative Tag - Blessing The last year was not good to you. However, when you went to sleep last night and dreamed everything would slowly improve. As your dream was ending a little child walked up and handed you a lily and said you would be blessed. You wake up, turn on the
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