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A collection of gibberish that falls from my brain

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Worldbuilding 2 - Top Or Bottom?

So, you've decided that you want to write something in a world that doesn't yet exist. In front of you sits a pad of paper and a stack of post-its an inch thick.   Where do you begin?   There are two broad schools of world building.   The top-down approach. The bottom-up approach.   Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages.   Bottom-up: This is used when you have an idea for a place, character, or thing and you want to find a way to incorporate it into a wider world. Th



World Building 1 - The Introduction

This blog is primarily targeted towards speculative fiction writers. Whether that's epic sword and sorcery fantasy, grim near-future sci-fi noir, far future space opera, or any where in between. But there are specific cases and techniques which are useful to anyone who is writing any sort of fictional product.   What is world building?   At its very core world-building is about making decisions about your setting. A series of truths that define the interactions between your characters and th



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