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About this blog

This blog is dedicated to exploring GA, to boldly go where no one may have been before (at least for a moment), to seek out old and perhaps ignored stories, to uncover the hidden treasures, and reveal the contents - with a few comments (where previously there were none, or very few).

Entries in this blog


Starting out writing - My story!

Almost a year ago, I met someone, older than me, with whom it turned out we shared some things in common. We both knew the same city where he had grown up, we both had a desire to write. He had already written a number of stories and books, but was no longer writing. I had practically not even started. There was a unity and empathy between us. Unexpectedly, he gave me a tablet, which he said he no longer had any use for, and with that tablet a draft of a story. A story that he would never w

Harry Anders and Steven Keiths

A while back @droughtquake posted the question: why don’t readers comment on stories? This blog is not an answer to that question, but was inspired by the forum post. This website is an archive of authors work going back almost a generation. It is also unique in giving you the ability to search that archive using many and varied criteria. And that is how I became an explorer, travelling the dusty shelves to seek out those long forgotten books. The site itself has nothing very much about its hist

Talo Segura

Talo Segura

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