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About this blog

This is a blog where I'll write the very occasional movie, book, or TV show, or game review.

Please follow if any of these interest you.

Entries in this blog

Master Lists for Writers by Bryn Donovan

In my ongoing pursuit to bury myself in an avalanche of books, I picked up this gem.  This is like a jack-of-all-trades toolbox.  It has Character Traits, Character Names, plot ideas, action words, descriptive words, plot twist ideas, and a lot more.  It is exactly the sort of thing you'd reach for when you're stuck and you want an idea.  Or if you are horrible with names, picking a name from a list.  Or maybe you want to spice something up. Or you want a prompt.    I flagged a bunch of parts of

Plot Gardening by Chris Fox

I am on a bit of a roll this past weekend. I managed to get through a couple of things in my backlog stack of many things.  I picked this up and it was a quick, easy read.  I'm old fashioned, surprisingly, as I still love the feel of paper and a bookshelf I can go do when the power's out, so I have this in paperback.  I also put a lot of Post-it Flags on various pages of interest.  This book talks about a topic and then shows how it is done in a handful of movies that you have probably seen

Writing Books - Dazzling Dialog

I picked up this book recently in my never ending quest to improve my writing skill set.  It's a short book that is a very quick read.  I'd recommend it as it targets a weakness that a lot of stories have and it gives practical tips on how to spot the problems and how to fix them Definitely worth the read.  It's available on Kindle as well if you like to keep your library digital.


Myr in writing books

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