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About this blog

This is a blog where I'll write the very occasional movie, book, or TV show, or game review.

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Midway - (2019)

This is a good movie that suffers from the comparison problem.  It's a pretty high bar for those interested in world war II movies to leap over the original 1976 Midway.  The original had Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, Glenn Ford, Robert Michum, Robert Wagner amount others.  The ensemble cast was a who's who of Hollywood legends.  So, set that aside if you, like me, grew up with your dad watching the movie. The 2019 movie was well paced.  The cast clicked pretty good.  And Dennis Quaid and W


Myr in movies

Force of Nature - A "B" Action Movie

I'll have to admit I picked this movie up on a whim. Mel Gibson action movies are usually entertaining.  And Emile Hirsch has had an interesting career. It was a bad movie, if you like brain-off B flicks.  I'll have to admit this groaner though... saw Mel Gibson and my immediate comment was "He's getting too old for this shit". If you see it somewhere on a streaming service and want to kill some time, there are worse ways to do it.  I wouldn't buy it.


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