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Chris's Guilt

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My poor baby boy is feeling super guilty...

You see last night while he was out drinking with the guys, he was kissed by some twinkie kid


I knew something was up this morning because he seemed really quiet and super upset, when I asked him what was wrong he started crying and told me through his sobs that he was so sorry and that this kid had kissed him. I trust Chris fully so I asked him to tell me what happened. He said that the kid was dancing all over himat this party he went to. and when the kid kissed him he freaked out, left then came straight home.


Ive been trying all day to get him to understand that im soo not mad at him, The Kid kissed him even though he has a ring on his finger. If im mad at anyone its this Kid who kissed him. I know the guy he's talking about and he's a propper little slut, he's well known for throwing himself on guys. If I see him im so going to kick his twinkie little ass!

in the meantime i guess im going to have to remind chris that I love him and believe him when he says that he never wanted anything with him.


Poor C all worried over nothing :(





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Kudos to you for not freaking out over something so trivial as a peck on the cheek.


Just a gentle suggestion to Chris, drinking too much isn't a very good idea. Bad things can happen and even if the night goes well, you'll pay for it later. :blink: Clich

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Dear David and Chris:)


See you two are the sweetest most romantic couple there is:)


I hate when a Gay guy knows that someone is committed/married to their Man yet goes up and kisses you as happened to Chris....As James said, a little less drink helps and also makes you aware to ward off dumb asses who did what happened to him.


Now, you two show us what real love is about:)


Hugs to both and I hope Chris feels better (it may be why he imbibed too much too..fear and stuff....)


I hope all is well.....stay warm too:) (A good reason, not that you need one, to snuggle closer:)



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This message is for Chris... :hug:


Darlin' I know that you're upset about what happened, and I know that you might even be a little scared, but you should also know that that boy of your's :wub: loves you so, so much. More than anything and life itself so when he says that he trusts and believes you then you can believe it! Now, don't make me come over there and kick some ass <_< cause I will... You are one hell of a lucky guy, cause not only does David love and trust you, but you have him to love as well...


Lots of hugs to my other brother :wub: I love you lots... Viv

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Chris..listen to your sister Viv (Auntie Viv to the rest of us) and we don't want her kicking your butt....cause I know she would.....and the rest of ours if we don't listen to her...as James said alcohol leaves our defenses down and some rotten moron took advantage....(what I really want to say about that dumb you know so and so and other language that would get me kicked out of hee.. is your Davey loves you tons..so fear not..it will be ok....so snuggle and smooch together and spoon and cuddle more....and I hope your hangover is better:)


Hugs from over the Pond!




and P.S. to Auntie Viv....I hope you are always my friend..hee hee...and any word on our Matty? Geez, I am worried....(sorry Dave and Chris to hijack your blog for that one..but had to sneak it in...)

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It's obvious you both love each other so much. :worship:


Pffffft to the bratty little gnat trying to buzz in on the action.


I agree about knowing when to say when. You stay in control and avoid situations you might regret later (not to mention spewing and other unpleasantries!)

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Okay, so I forgot to say earlier...


Sweetie, if you go and do something stupid and get yourself in trouble because of some dumbass... words I can't say here kid then I really WILL come over there... and as much as you want me to visit ya 0:) this is soooooooooo not the way okay... instead, just call me and I'll giggle some more okay :wub: please...


Love, Vivian

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