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Title Title, none that I can think of.

Julian Alexander


Hello People,


As promised to a few folks in chat a few days ago, it is time once again to update my blog. So far the year has been an interesting one. First, I will start with what occurred a few days ago (from what some of you might have caught from my status message). Last Thursday (02/19/2010), as some of you might know I unknowingly witnessed my front neighbor


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Well, Julian, that is going to be one insurance claim from hell...


Question: Was a Police report obtained or filed?: Y / N

Question: Did the Police report find you at fault?: Y / N

Question: Do you have witnesses at the scene to corroborate your account: Y / N


Let the insurance company file a dereliction of duty report with the police department and let them search for the driver of the gray SUV.

Get a statement from each witness as to what happened, including that the officer refused to acknowledge their account of the incident concerning a hit and run driver.

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The answer is Yes to all of them. Its been a month since I last talked with my insurance, have heard nothing back from them. So, I guessing they have "resolved" it.


The only bad thing is since I did not have full coverage, I get nothing to get my car repaired. (Since Im not working rents wont pay for full coverage, only the one that covers the other person's expenses.)

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It sounds like that other car may have someone else's license plates. That could be the reason why it left the scene.

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Hey Jules,


Congrats on being regular about going to the gym!!!! In no time you'll be in that rugby shape your striving for!

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