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You've got mail.



An old and very romantic film, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Our "great" translators when making the dubbing renamed it to our language as "Love via Internet". I don't know why they did that but it's not the first nor the last weird translation they've made.


Anyway... it got me thinking. It got me thinking if it is possible to do it. To start and to keep a relationship via Internet. Horrible things go around about relationships on distance. But I really hope it is possible, at least for now. Because I might have found the One. :) Though being over 1100 miles apart means we won't meet each other that quickly. So yeah... I'll try my best and I know he will too. :)


And please don't ask for any details, I won't tell. :) I just wanted somebody to know, because I'm a selfish prick and I want to shout it out to the world. :) I'm afraid of using the L word but I like him a lot. :) And I'm thinking of him all the time and I hope venting it this way it will stop! :D I need to focus on my work! :D So yeah...


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Wow, I had no idea you were that into me Papaya wink.giftongue.gif


I'd like to think that internet relations are not only possible but potentially very worthwhile. There is a different dynamic to online interaction but it is neither less nor more than real-life encounters, just different. How those differences affect the relation depends on the parties involved and how much either are willing to put on the table. I have longtime e-friends who I have never even seen pictures of who I correspond with regularly and have come to like a great deal. However, I do not believe I can fall in love with someone who I have a strictly virtual relationship with. That isn't to say that I have no come close, but I do not believe I could actually get there. Ultimately, online relations are 1-dimensional to me and unless I interact with somebody in the real world, I would not feel that I truly know the person.

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Love... it is an interesting dance. The fear, the excitement, that feeling in the pit of your stomach;


Just remember that he is probably feeling the same things as you... has the same concerns, the same trepidation...


... it sounds like a wonderful adventure ...

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Very cute, Paya! laugh.gif And best of luck to you and Mr Mysterious.


Two very good friends of mine (straight, but I don't think it matters in any way here) met their current spouse over the internet, and specifically on MMORPG sites. I guess the internet helps meeting people with similar interests. Also, because chatting anonymously makes it easier at first to share things that would be awkward face-to-face, you can reveal a lot of yourself to that person. Crushes do happen quickly.

As for real love, I think that it cannot emerge without meeting the person in RL and spending a little bit of time with them. So do get on that plane (the Icelandic volcano is giving everyone a break right now)! tongue.gif


Oh, and if you expected this post to make you stop thinking about him, I hope for you and him that it's already proving a failure.

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Congratulations paya! :)


I'm only speaking for personal experience, but sometimes I think meeting someone virtually -- and going through the difficult task of keeping an ongoing correspondence -- is the best way of doing a courtship. If words are, as I believe, the crowning expression of selfhood, then a fulfilling correspondence is the most valuable interaction possible, more so than sex or physical companionship. Of course, physical things do and will matter, but isn't the soul more important? Then again, my sort of paradigm would only work between two writers or poets or intellectuals. I am also being a bit of a hypocrite. 0:)


Anyway, I wish you and your friend all the best. :)

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Omg paya!


I'm sooo happy for you, you totally deserve it :)

But indeed, a relationship across big distances is hard, you'll both have to work hard to make it work...


But I have every faith in you :)


Greetings to your guy ;)

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