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"Special Friend" Robert

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Coming Undone


Hi Guy's


Dinner last night went very well. It turns out that "Special Friend" Robert 0:) is a very nice kid and I think it was easy for him to get my approval Being the misanthrope that I am, :2hands: I was very skeptical. Wouldn't want to make it too easy. Anyway he's a polite and well mannered young man. Josh now has my full support on however he would like this relationship to evolve. Because I know that he's going to read this, let me make this perfectly clear, you can suck face all you want but "NO SEX!"


Well not for a while anyway. :(


I think that's already a given and he knows it.


Ok, enough about them. Killer :wub: stayed over last night (I luv ya honey) and as promised didn't have to sleep on the couch. "YES!!!" Believe me when I say that it's a major break-thru. :thumbup: (I luv you to Joe.) I think Coming is going to have to arrange for sleep overs a little more often, B) what do you think?


It felt soooo good waking up next to him listening to him breathing and smelling his scent :/ (calm down boy) and it was soooo sad :( watching him leave this afternoon. I miss him. <3


I'm sending my Mum and Dad a Christmas card, i hope they like it. :devil:


Till the next time


I'm Coming

Or should I have put that in past tense? :blink:

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Well, first things first... Hi Josh! :D Since you're sure he'll read this I think I should officially say hi! I would be the 'well packaged' one you maybe hear about sometimes... 0:) Welcome littler brother, so happy you're here, Yay!


As for Killer... :whistle: Well, what can I say really, except... Woohoo! Yippee, Hooray... I guess you get the idea here :P I'm really glad that you guys made the most of your weekend together! :wub: Too cute!


Hugs pal :hug:

Vivian :wub:

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It sounds like you guys had a good weekend all around. B)


You guys are due for some good times and those of us in the peanut gallery are tickled pink to see it happen for you.


Hugs all around,



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Hey Eric (and Josh),


I think that's so terrific that dinner with Robert went so well the other night. And I'm sure that being a good big brother, and a good judge of character, the kid must be ok if you like him. LOL and I definitely agree with you on the no sex for now rule. (shoot I hope I didn't just tick of Josh, w/o ever officially meeting him. LOL Listen to your brother!).


On that note, that is excellent that Joe didn't make him killer sleep on the couch. I'm so glad for you two, and hope things only keep getting better w/ you guys and your relationship. LOL and yes I think it sounds like you should arrange sleep overs more often.


LOL good luck with the Christmas card!


Take care and have a great day,




I'm Coming

Or should I have put that in past tense? blink.gif


BTW THAT was REALLY funny! :lmao::lol:

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Dude glad you had a great weekend.


Josh, hi, glad your alright and do as your brother says or else you going to tick a few of us around here... and we don't wnat that do we? :blink:


Joe has to be a great guy if he let you sleep with you know who while dring Josh nuts :lmao:


Until next time dude

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You guy's are like way, Way, WAY kewl!


I intend to focus my attention on Killer this holiday season. He really deserves it. :wub:



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Dear Eric and Josh:)


Glad to see your weekend went well...now Josh..super proud of you for having excellent taste in big brothers and cool friends named Robert:) Trust Big Brother on this way....bond and build the relationship first....something we Gay Guys forget all too often as our hormones/testorene gets in the way....that will always be there...and when the time is right..you have Big Brother to look to for guidance and of course Joe too:)


Eric glad to see you and Killa got some snuggle time in:)


I know it will be a great holiday season for all of you...and of course for the 15 recipients of warm winter coats...that is what makes the Holidays special...the Joy of giving....Hugs to you and Joe and Eric for all you do...hey, it also had the added bonus of Eric meeting Robert:)



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I intend to focus my attention on Killer this holiday season. He really deserves it. :wub:




I might be a good idea to keep an eye on Josh. Is this his first Christmas away from family? (or yours for that matter)


Holidays, espically family centered ones like Thanksgiving and Christmas, can shake lose some demons for folks like us that have those kind of issues.


Take care of each other,




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Hi Nick


How you doing buddy? :) Thanks for stopping in. :great:



BTW, thanks James. Point well taken. I'm not going to let that slip by.


We talk on a regular basis and that's not going to stop anytime soon. :thumbup:


:hug: Guy's



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Hi Eric


Your a fine young man and I'm sure that everyone in you life is proud of you.

You've grown into a great human being. Your loving, sensitive, and have a good head on you shoulders. And let's not forget a very interesting sense of humor.


I think that now is the perfect time to show your parents what a great guy you really are and what a beautiful person you've turned out to be. Maybe, I wouldn't count on it , but just maybe they will realize what a mistake they have made and how much they have lost not being there for you when it really counted.


Send them the card. Outline all that you have overcome and accomplished since you set out on a new path. Don't gloat, just give it to them straight (Please excuse the expression.) and let the ball sit in their court.


Who knows, sometimes people really do change.


You and Josh have a nice Christmas.



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