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Why me?



Well, its been awhile and I wish I could say that the reason for that is that I've been having entirely too much fun. I could say it, but it would be a lie. Don't get me wrong, things haven't been all bad lately, just busy and tonight I actually thought I'd have some downtime. I should have known better.


I got home from work tonight and got online and what should greet me, but an email from paypal telling me that my account is now limited because it is believed a third party has accessed it. Below this email is a list of other emails notifying me of successful payments for fun little electronics I have never even had the inclination to buy. In total, it looks like a little over $1,000 worth of transactions. Yes, I called my mother crying. Some asshole dipped into the money I've been saving to transfer to a new college so they could buy some new toys. If this ****er ever crosses my path he will experience major bodily harm. I do not work 40hrs a week and go to school full time so people like this can screw me over.


I was hoping that bitching here would make me feel better, but it doesn't seem to be helping. There is nothing more I can do at this point and it pisses me off. Paypal is investigating, sellers have been notified, and tomorrow morning I get to go talk to my bank bright an early before work. Life sucks.


-Zarcie, in the land somewhere between rampaging bitch and sad, crying little girl.


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