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Felt the need to type something, so nonsensical rambling for you guys



This last year has had many ups and downs, maybe few more downs than ups but I think overall I survived intact.


Without a doubt heart surgery and losing Fran were the hardest parts of last year and at the time I was probably the most uncooperative person ever. I felt ugly after surgery and was raving at a fare few of my friends but I owe a huge thanks to a good friend of mine, lets call her S, who works in cosmetics and helped me to perfect the art of covering unsightly scars :D


Fran to a little bit longer to get past. Who am I kidding, there's still days where it doesn't seem real. I'm definitely guilty of picking up the phone to call her and then remember a split second later that she's not going answer. But I'm not alone in that boat, as I'm frequently reminded. I thought getting her tattoo would help to put some of her ghosts to rest but it hasn't fully, yet I have been left with a beautiful piece of art that, thanks to her, reminds me everyday that life is for living.


I've had the joy of being at one wedding this year, one we never thought woud come soon enough. My best friend became Mrs Dix and I'm still reaping the benefits of that new surname :lol: She's also nearly five months pregnant and I'm ecstatic at the thought of being an aunt to another one of her sprogglets.


It seems like there's something in the air because a large majority of the ladies I know are due to bring new life into the world at some point this year. Which just reenforces my mission to be cool aunt Danniella :)


I'm currently plannig my next tattoo but due to the fact I suck at drawing anything other than stick fugures it's not going to well. I'm a firm believer in my tattooos meaning something to me so I'm on the look out for some inspiration.


On the subject of living life...I'm going to Download this year. My first ever music festival! I'm finally going to see my favourite band, System of a Down, live. I can't wait. Also, I'll finally be trying out dreads for that five day weekend. I can live with BO for the weekend, what I can't live with is greasey hair <_<


All in all, even over though somethings are still a little on the down side, life is looking up for 2011.

Rambling over :D


blogentry-9943-0-94061900-1294328578_thumb.jpg blogentry-9943-0-31241000-1294328570_thumb.jpg


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I'm glad you got through the year hun and hope that this one is better for you. You are such a beautiful girl and I hope that everyone around you will appreciate that and make life good.


The tat is totally awesome

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Thank you, Nephy :)


I already have the quote I want my next tattoo to be based around, 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step' My friends mum is starting on the first design for me this week :D

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