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Bald Puppies!



Last night was a dojo night and I was looking forward to a couple of hours of fun on the mat and to getting to hang out with No-no and Philip. So I got to the dojo and got dressed. I was the first person there for my class and I went out to stretch a bit while I waited. No-no and Philip should have been there about then to start their beginners' class but I couldn't see them - until I did see them. At first I just didn't believe it. I thought I was getting confused. No-no and Phil were there with other students from their class doing warm ups and they were both bald. Besides being stunned and stupified there wasn't anything I could do because their teacher was on the mat getting them ready for their class and unless there's some real emergency you don't interrupt a class. So I was just watching wondering what the hell was going on and hoping it was all some horrible joke. My class started and I managed to concentrate enough to get through without falling over or irritating the instructor. So, I ran off the mat as soon as we were dismissed to find No-no and Philip. Their calss finished before mine so they were all ready dressed and sitting waiting out side the changing room and wearing caps. OK, I was pretty anxious and I wasn't thinking much. I just walked over and pulled both caps off. Now I have to tell you that what I was thinking was that someone would have to explain this to Philip's parents. I mean, No-no can do his own explaining but I just assumed that he was the instigator of this...whatever it was. Anyway, caps off the truth was revealed: skinhead puppies. They sat there giggling and blushing while I caught flies. I almost didn't trust myself to speak but fortunately Noah found enough breath between giggling to explain: they did it for charity! I cannot believe this. They got their friends to pledge money for Crisis at Christmas if the pair of them buzzed their heads. Now I'm totally in love with the pair of them and I could almost have cried at just how sweet it was of them but they should have told someone for goodness sake! I'm not so stupid that I didn't realise that there was no point telling them off about it so I got dressed and we set off back to our place with Stupidbloke wondering all the time how I was going to explain this one. Why on earth I thought I had to explain it I don't know but I was stressing the whole way home. And of course when we got there the pair of them made a big production number of taking off the caps in front of my 'rental units. And just as predictably my dad had a millisecond of shell shock before laughing at them and my mum just looked at them, shrugged and said "It'll grow back". On reflection what the hell was I worrying about? To tell the truth it's a lingering association between shaved heads and skinheads and racism and stuff but that's totally stupid because the pair of them look nothing like skinheads - they look like every other kid their age with a buzz cut. So, I'm over the haircuts but I'm worried now - how old do they have to be before they can get tattoos? Or piercings?


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Which one is Philip and which one is No-no? :lmao:


I got to give them props for doing their thing for chairty. At that age, you couldn't have talked me out of my hair.

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Ah..at their age, I had lots and lots of hair..now I have a buzz cut and my goatee grows more the tope of my head...


Sumbloke..that is a really funny and sweet story...and your parental units are super cool..I love your Dad giggling and your Mom being very much the Mom with the nonchalant.."ah, it will grow back"


very cool indeed...and you gotta love those guys...all for charity....sweethearts indeed:)


hey, did you give them their presents yet...I remember you saying you were getting Noah an ipod..i think you said Philip too....they are going to be over the moon with your presents...


sorry you had anxiety......just goes to show you that you are ever the Mr. Mom to NoNo and Philip...very sweet:)



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