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I know the feeling.

This is the second year with a fake tree because this is the second year without my dad. The first year I couldn't stand it. This year we actually made it look nice. Sure it's beautiful, but I know it's fake, and once you had the real thing nothing else'll do. We're getting a real one next year and nothing is going to stop us, and if by chance "us" gets stopped, nothing is going to stop "me". Because "me" can drive next year.


Merry Christmas and better luck next year,


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Yo! Bard Man


Remember it's not the tree, it's what it represents.


Come to think about it, What does it represent? :wacko:


Oh well, I guess it's about the tree. :(


Happy Holiday's (Read as Christmas, Hannukah, Kwansaa, and let's not forget Festivus!) :D



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Remind Sarah that you don't need a tree to celebrate the Holidays..you have each other as great friends and soul mates......God Bless us Everyone.....and even a small Charlie Brown tree is cool too:) Gives it extra love!


Fear not, and I hope your Holidays were special:)


Hang in there Bard man.....its all good:)



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