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Just Friends?



Wow, its been awhile. Whats sad is that I've actually had stuff to write about but no time to do it. I suppose I should mention that I am no longer in financial ruin, for those of you who remember my last post, and thanks to those who tried to help. I did get my money back and now I have a fraud alert on my credit report. It took me far to long to find out how to do that but it looks like I'm finally on the right track.


So there has been a lot going on, especially since my best friend Danielle got home from school for the holidays because we just can't seem to keep ourselves out of trouble. We've spent the past couple days eating ourselves silly, since Danielle will soon have to go back to eating college fare, and trying to figure out my boy situation. We're terribly confused.


Tell me if I'm wrong, but when there are two friends and one of the friends puts his hand under the other's shirt that means that the line between friends and more than friends has been crossed...right? 'Cause I have this friend and there has been some mild groping action going on. I mean, one night we're curled up together watching a movie and he has his hands in all these places and I keep waiting and waiting for him to say something or kiss me or whatever, but I get nothing! Why haven't I brought it up, you may ask? Because I've been confused before and when it was brought up he had an explanation for everything (though there was no groping before) and how none of it meant we were anything but friends and that it would always be that way because he is a couple years younger than me and wasn't comfortable with the age difference. I said I was fine with that and I wouldn't think otherwise unless it was brought up again. He's also always talking about me and J getting together, even after I told him it would probably never happen. So um, why is his hand under my shirt? I do want to ask him about it, but I know he'll just explain it away again unless I ask him while he's in the act so I'm stuck waiting for the right time.


The worst part is that I think he's doing it because he knows I would be interested in being more than friend. I also turn 21 tomorrow (or today by now) and he wants me to buy alcohol for him and his friends. He came right out and asked me if I would after having told me he would never ask me to do such a thing. I don't think I've ever been so pissed at him. Still, I hate to think that of him and if you had asked me a month ago if I thought him capable of using me like that, I would have said no. We were best friends, told each other everything but the evidence is stacking up and the timing is just too perfect. I already told him that I wouldn't be his supplier so I guess I'll know if that was it if the groping stops.


Meanwhile, I have J laying a serious guilt trip on me before christmas about not being able to spend time with him because I have work or class or have to study. He's saying things like, "one of these days we need to have a talk". As Danielle says, "he's not making out with you so what the hell is there to talk about?". He knows where I stand so I don't know what there is to talk about either. Then he goes away for a week and I don't hear from him until he's been back for another whole week! What happened to all the time he wanted us to spend together? Does that only apply when *he* doesn't have better things to do? I think I'll have to ask him next time he wants me to skip work to go see a movie with him.


I know I probably sound like a total bitch, but I think I give up on both of them. How in the hell did two satisfying friendships, one in particular with potential to be more, get turned into complete garbage? I just don't even know whats going on and I'm really tired of thinking about it. I'm still going to talk to Groping Boy as soon as I get a chance, but I've just had it with these games that I really don't have time for. I'm so confused!


So, no boys on my birthday! Just me, Danielle, and a ridiculous amount of chocolate. Who could ask for more?


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Oh my gosh! I really want a rediculous amount of chocolate! My New Year's resolution was to cut back on chocolate (sorta, kinda, give it up at first until I had the habit broken, then eat it in moderation from then on), and of course I'm right at the end of day three. My gosh I had a little stress today and all I could think was "MAN! do I want a brownie sundae from Hershey's!" They're so awesome, it's brownie (obviously) heated up and served with ice cream (I always mix two flavors, usually chocolate flavors :P ), then with hot fudge, carmel, whipped cream a cherry and I always add strawberries. MMMMMM! I'm dying for one! I've already planned it, I'm going to "break down" and have on on friday. Ok so I feel really bad about hijacking your blog like that and talking about chocolate, but hey I'm a chocoholic in recovery :P .


Anyway so first off, Happy Birthday!!! Is it the 3rd or the 4th? It's so cool I already know 3 or 4 people on the 4th (I should call them :) ). Yeah it sounds to me like gropping friend is being a little selfish. You should definitely stick to your guns about how you feel with regards to the alcohol thing (actually my 2nd resolution was to quit drinking, and quite pleasently I don't miss that at all lol). As for the gropping thing. Well again he may just have been using you. Wanting a feel without any of the relationship stuff that goes with it. It would be really funny to hear him try to explain that away though. "What? My hands were cold." Probably wouldn't work in this instance.


As for the other friend, yeah it really sucks that he's always trying to get you to spend time with him when it's convienent for him, but doesn't make time for you. I hope you can find out what's going on. Anyway have an awesome birthday!



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Oh my gosh! I really want a rediculous amount of chocolate!


Haha! A fellow chocolate lover! You are a brave soul to try and cut back because, lets be honest, it would never work for me or my friend Danielle. Probably because one of our jobs is working around chocolate so its a constant temptation and we don't even mess around. Most nights we hang out we melt some chocolate in a bowl and then get out whatever we have handy to dip in it. We've tried pineapple, nectarines, tangerines, bananas, strawberries, pears, pretzels, cream puffs, gummy bears, rice crispie treats, shortbread and goodness knows what else! Anything is good in chocolate!



But yes, my B-day was on the 3rd and it involved suprisingly little alcohol, an incredible amount of food, and a huge amount of chocolate. There were no boys and it was fabulous! When you finally break down, enjoy your sundae! It sounds like you don't mess around when it comes to your chocolate fix either :D

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