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Yay but ow!



I had a great night with my best friend, but owwie, i think my fingernail might be about to fall off...that'll hurt I imagine. Any adivce?


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If the nail is in danger of snagging on something, then you may want to cut off as much as you can.


otherwise, maybe put a band aid on it???? :blink:


Were you drinking again?

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Were you drinking again?

Hey!! I've not been out that much lately, not since N.Y.D. in fact. But yeah, I was out last night, it was great apart from the nail thing. I'm too scared to look at it actually. I washed it last night (well I think seb did actually when I woke him up) and put a band aid on it but yeah, I'm too scared to take the band aid off...

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Ok so I now have some sympathy for you. While using the hammer this afternoon I hit my thumb.XOXO Ben!

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You got drunk and didn't share it with us? :o I miss those sweet posts you used to write while in an inebriated state.


Kitty :)

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