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The advantage of being part of a quite large group of deaf people on a cruise...



Best part of a quite large group of deaf people on a cruise:


Taking over an entire hot tub that is already full in under 10 minutes!


Here's how it's done- Two deaf people enters, across from each other in the (already-full) hot tub, start signing to each other, grabbing the attention of people within.


3rd person comes in, perpendicular to the other two, then start signing too, causing the other two deaf persons to look at him/her, which in turn, cause the two people directly to the left and right to feel uncomfortable with everyone staring at their direction.


At this point, with the hot tub being filled even more, and whatever conversation topics erased by the fascination of seeing sign language, at least one or two people will feel awkward and uncomfortable and leave.


When a person leave, another deaf person will jump in to take their spot, and join the sign language conversation.


At this point, people will start feeling more and more awkward, and leave while more of us come in, and before you know it, we have the entire hot tub to ourselves!


Definitely an awesome social experiment experience!

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I dunno, I would think I would stay and try to see if I could figure out some of the conversation myself. I don't have a know a lot of American sign language other than the occasional letter, but it would probably pique my interest and maybe even learn.


I do know that even though it is uncomfortable, I don't think it would be enough to just up and leave though :) .


I do that with people speaking German which I have a teeny weeny bit of understanding of too ;) .

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Maybe they didn't leave beacuse of the sign-language. Maybe they left because all the hotties caused other reactions to them ;)

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