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Back to school!



OK so I felt well enough this morning to drag myself to school. I had the usual discussion with myself and the parental units about whether it's worth going in for just the Friday but I much prefer to go in than stay at home. And then I get here and...two hours of philosophy classes: cancelled; and hour and a half computer lab: cancelled. Then this afternoon one hour of Latin followed by French lit during which they're showing the second half of a film of a Pagnol novel. So, this gives me a chance for guilt free blogging at school. Every cloud has a silver lining.


Our new foster brother has more or less settled in I think. I am going to take up a suggestion from Rigel and ask him if he'd like to write a guest blog entry so that if he wants to he can tell you about himself rather than me talking about him but he said he didn't mind being blogged about so I'll probably mention things from time to time. Like this bit - Uri is staying with us temporarily because he lives with just his Dad who's can't take care of him for a while. If nothing changes then he'll be with us until school finishes for the summer. We've had some good chats about things 'coz he's been keeping me company when he gets home from school so we're getting to know each other.


Sebastian has finally installed MSN and has a hotmail id so theoretically we can chat. I say theoretically because my sweet thing just isn't really very good at it. ^_^ We don't have much basis for small talk since we see each other so little and lit would take forever to explain the detail of what's going on in life to each other and even for us "love you more" gets old pretty quick. But you know what, I actually just get a smile seeing that he's on-line! LOL It's totally stupid but I sit there with a little grin just knowing that we're logged in to MSN at the same time. It's things like this that convince me that love reduces your IQ.


The other thing that's happened this week is that I changed my profile, removing the link to the youth web site I used to advertise. I read through the message boards on the site this week and decided to call it a day. I've been hanging out there and peripherally involved in the group for a couple of years. I was quite impressed by them - they did some really good campaigns around gay youth issues. Now tho there are discussions going on on the boards that really turn my stomach. A couple of people - I stress just a couple - seem to be unapologetic racists (one called me a race traitor - guess he didn't work out I'm not of his tribe...) and one is a blatant apologist for Hitler. OK, two idiots - wouldn't matter. What matters is that the guys who run and moderate the boards have had nothing to say about what's being posted except that when these guys have been challenged (including being frankly told off by me) the moderators have intervened to warn us that we can't insult them personally, that we have to respect their point of view, that everyone has a different opinion etc etc etc. Right, OK, so I can take the free speech argument that they have the right to express their nasty little racist opinions and hiterl loving bolleaux, but now I'm being told off for responding? I don't get that. I was brought up a pacifist (more or less...) but my Dad always said that when it came to racists and fascists all bets we're off - any provocation from nazis and he'd be happy to use his fists. I'm definitely a lover not a fighter :P but I don't see why I have to be polite to these guys. Anyway, I've decided that I just don't want to advertise the site and inadvertantly send some poor gay kid there to read all the racist nazi crap. It's a shame but there's other good sites out there so I'll just have to find another one.


Time to go get some lunch. I'll probably write some more later including pointers to some good new stories I've read.

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you might point out to the Hitlerite that nazis don't care for gay people either.


If he goes to any rallies, then he is in for a rude awakening.

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