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Some people need to be dragged out and shot.



This was initially posted on another forum I visit where I tend to be a bit more... vitriolic. A more normal blog entry resides below this one and was posted less than half an hour prior.


AP Link, read this first.


An openly gay fashion designer. This isn't starting out well. Then we get this lovely bit of information he ..."groped Scarlett Johansson's breast..." and "asked Eva Longoria about her pubic hair."


God, for every step forward in terms of breaking stereotypes and fitting in with the hets, we have to deal with asses like this who make the rest of us look like losers of the highest degree. Of course, right after the tagline, the AP has to inform its readers that he's gay (not that we couldn't tell from his looks or choice of occupation) So, no matter how educated every mind in America that looks at that is going to have a little bit of info added onto what gays are like in America...


To say nothing of the fact he's downright rude. And he's getting away with being an ass because he's gay. Damnit, being gay doesn't give you a license to do whatever the f**K you want. It's just a sexual preference. Period.


Propagators of the stereotype like him do more harm to gays in America than an army of jerry falwells, or robertson's or any homophobic nutjob ever could. Though shooting is extreme (the title was sarcasm folks), I think somebody needs to slap some sense into people like him.




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he's gay (not that we couldn't tell from his looks or choice of occupation)


Way to go breaking those stereotypes! He looks gay? Fashion designers are gay?


Guess, what, gay people, even fashion designers have the right to be arseholes just like everyone else. We don't live our lives as posterboys and girls for the cause. Chillax. He sounds obnoxious but then, lots of people are obnoxious.

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Ah, yes, the right to be an arsehole. What makes America great. Fine, be one in your private life. But you have a certain responsiblity as a public figure to act in a decent manner especially if you know you'r'e going to be listed as a representative of a minority group. Anyone want to tell me why they thought it was pertinent to say he was gay, but not oh say Jewish?


And sumbloke, my problem is that this article does nothing but reinforce the stereotype. The quote was a form of very bitter sarcasm. Sorry you didn't pick up on it.



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Written sarcasm always falls flat. Take me on livechat for example... :(


Stereotypes will always be around. I'm a firm believer that people can live their lives however they want, its none of my goddamn business. It doesn't mean I won't try and influence popular opinion by putting subliminal messages and themes to ultimately warp your mind to my way of thinking in my writing...er......I always did have a tendency to blather on when I should shut up.




p.s. I replied to your question in my blog about tickets/language. I'm expecting you on the 32nd of January, 2pm. Don't be late. :lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::sheep:

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Save the firing squad for high crimes of fashion and bad breath.


If being obnoxious is a capital crime, they just might come get me. :unsure:



JS [looking paranoid, dodging black helicopters]

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