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the artistry of dodgeball



I'll be posting some stuff that I had in my private blog. Can't come up with a good enough reason why not to make these public.



Ok, well, Friday pretty much sucked. First, in my 2D studio class first period my teacher decided to have our class compete against the drafting class in dodgeball. Both the teachers kind of have a freindly competition thing going on and they decided to include us. We went down the the gym and all the guys (6) in our class were coming up with a gameplan or something? but I was just talking to the girls. I was deffinantly always the kid who got out first in these kinds of games in elementry school. The game started and I went to the back near the wall. One of the other guys in my class who I think is kind of hot, threw me a ball because he had two and told me to throw it. I can't throw a ball to save my life. He handed me the ball and walked away. I just gave the ball to some other guy. I dodged two balls and then on the third I got hit. I didn't even try to dodge it. I just f**king crossed my arms over my chest.stupid. So I got out. Then the drafting teacher, since they had a huge advantage of having a calss of mostly guys (no gay guys either) they let our class back in. Then I just kind of stayed in the back again because I didn't really want to hurt our team by getting out. I tried to throw ball and it didn't really come close to hitting anybody. Then somehow I was the only guy left on our side, every other guy was out, so I was kind of our last hope. To my amazement I caught two balls! ha. but on the third one I got out. And that was pretty much the end of it. We were walking back up the our art class and they teacher was saying "We did pretty well for having 5 guys in our class" and then she looked in my direction "or six guys". So thats how that day started sucking. Then we had opening night for our play. That was fun. I'll be in it next year, just to let you know. everything was goood except it felt like the two girls I that I was hanging out with were kind of ignoring me, plus they were with their group of friends and they were singing backstreetboys. That didn't help. And one of the guys in the play (he's gay by the way) looked really hott. eh. Then I came out to one of my friends later that night over the internet. I might have said that like it wasn't a big deal, but it was. It was the first time and I was shaking horrably. I guess things are ok, she said they were. I just hope nothing is wrong. She didn't seem to have any emotions toward it. She just sounded indifferent. Oh well. whats past is past. And thats how my friday sucked. Welcome to the chronicles of a gay "artistic type" highschool guy. lol


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