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Mood Swings



Hmm. I seem to be experiencing many mood swings lately. Yesterday night (when I posted the last entry) I was feeling low, today at around 4 I was feeling great, could've been because I had somebody elses hand in my pocket... and right now I'm about at equilibrium.


I got a phone call today, from a family friend. Imagine a job interview/college interview that constantly keeps you on your toes; that's what a conversation with him is like. I had to fight to keep the rhetoric flowing, and not end up sounding like a blithering idiot. that was fun when he asked me what I thought of his son (who's going to Yale btw, that family is brilliant) and where I thought that his son might be in 8 years... It's bad enough when somebody asks that about you, at least then you have an inkling! Try answering that about somebody you haven't seen in three years. So, I spent 45 minutes discussing everything from Erik Erikson (Disciple of Freud), who was a mentor of a friend of his, to the advantages of being a small bookstore owner vs. a senator...


Oh, oddly, I think he may think I'm gay. He used words like "life partner" and so forth when referring to my future. It would be perceptive of him, but not entirely unsurprising.


Oh, yes, one more thing, more as a note to myself than anything: The S*** hits the fan tomorrow.




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