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Conge d'Hiver is almost here



I have been so busy that I haven't blogged in ages. When I've gotten on-line I've been mostly in chill and chat mode. And now, the winter break is upon me and that boy is coming to town. School ends this Friday and starts up again on the 6th of March.


Anyway, I'm glad of the interruption in my routine as well as glad-to-the-point-of-tears to be seeing Seb. At the moment I'm training three mornings a week and practising in the dojo two nights a week (I've cut one session); I'm doing two days a month for Food Chain; I have 27 hours a week of classes and the homework that entails; I've also now got a job doing shifts on a user help desk at the Uni - just 8 hours a week but they want me to do more; Friday nights are the Kahns at home which is supposed to be recreation but it's still obligatory!; I have human rights club most weeks either at lunch or after school. So far I've kept my weekends free except for Food Chain and homework and I'm determined it's going to stay that way: I have to socialise some time. I realise I couldn't have managed Rugby this season on top of this lot. It's hard though because I had a chance of an under 21s cap this year. Oh well.


Mostly school work is easy. I'm torn between racing ahead and getting bored tho. I finished recording my composition for Music last week. I sampled a record from my parent's collection - a really strange and cool progressive band called Van Der Graaf Generator - then I reconstructed melodic fragments from the songs as midi files using the samples for tone and then I wrote a stochastic function to play the initial sequences and then provided controlled feedback to an algorithm that selected "fit" sequences of samples and killed "unfit" ones (in principle you could define fitness anyhow, I just chose prevalance of harmony over dischord for my example performance): evolutionary music. I'm negotiating quietly to be excused English classes. We take English as a Foreign Language and I'm wasting my time in that class. I've checked over the syllabus and exam requirements and there's absolutely nothing I need to be in class for. I sat a couple of past papers with mum and she agreed to see if I can get out of the class. They won't like it because if it gets around lots of people will want to drop the classes. I feel a bit spoiled but I'm tired and I need some slack.


I went to an open day at Prestigious University Londinium last week. There were about 15 people being shown around, partly in small groups attached to an undergraduate student and partly as a whole sampling lectures, labs etc. So, I get there dressed in my winter glory as previously described: down jacket, beanie, my ratty Tommy jeans etc. and everyone else who turns up is in business dress: most of the boys were in suits and ties. I looked lie some hippy who'd walked in by mistake. We got to see lots of stuff and if I'd been more interested it would have been useful but I still made trouble. They'd arranged all the stuff we got to see on the basis that you were either an arts/social science type or a scientist. So when I asked if I could attend the physics lab demo and the lecture on deciphering ancient scripts they got confused. I felt like a heel for being troublesome afterwards. Anyway, if I were going to go to university in the UK and didn't mind living at home I would definitely consider PUL. Great facilities; town center campus; high academic standards.


I feel like such a loser right now because everyone can see that the strain is getting to me and they're all taking care of me. Helen and Rik have been sheperding me round school like I'm war wounded. At home No-no and Uri have been waiting on me like servants. I don't know why I feel so tired. I'm not actually doing much more than I ever have. Well, after the break I'll see how it goes.


Sebastian Balendin Ametxazurra arrives Saturday and all will be well. I haven't been fit to be with recently because I've missed him so much. To make matters worse I've been reading Sea Change which is a great story and one of the few with lots of sex that I can be bothered with. It's been a bit poignant though - with it's themes of separation and reconciliation and of brotherhood and friendship. I've been crying all over the place.


I better go have some lunch.


Later blog.


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Congratulations on the invite to PUL (King's college?). Does this mean you're considering it over some universit

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Hi Sumbloke!!!


Congratulations on your choice for University..I take it that you and Surfi will be going there together and living together, I hope:)


Enjoy your Holiday and have fun with the pups, your Surfer Guy and the meerkats:)



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