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The Road to Marrakesh



Except that actually, our flight will be to Agadir. I'm taking him to Morocco. The only other place where it looked like guaranteed sunshine and where there was a cheap flight was the Canary Islands and we couldn't see much accomodation available outside of resorts. So, Morocco looks cool. I've got copies of the Lonely Planet Guide, lots of backpacker stuff. We want to see Marrakesh and we'd love to see Casa Blanca and Tangier but I don't want to dash around on this holiday. Agadir where we land has great surfing in the winter (in fact it's year round but the swell is very low in the summer). I've picked a hotel and am hoping to get a confirmation of the booking by email today. Sixteen pounds gets us a double with ensuite in a real hotel rather than the backpacking hostels we usually stay in but I want to spoil Surfie a bit. And then we'll make a trip inland by train to Marakesh to see the souks and lose ourselves in all the history for two nights. I want to visit a hamam and take a tour in the desert. Most of all, I want to relax though. I don't want to do anything strenuous; I don't want to have anyone else around who needs looking after or entertaining. Just me and Seb lounging and being waited on. London is so cold and grey most days right now that the thought of lying on the beach in the sun almost arouses me :devil: .


Anyway we'll be there for my birthday and this will be the first time I've not been with family for that but then, he's going to be my family so that's OK - this will be practice for later.


I'm not really explaining this very well am I? OK - Seb's here and we're going for a short break to Morocco. We leave Thursday and return on the 4th of March.


I really am not looking forward to being 18. I mean, I'm not seriously against it but I love school and my friends so much that it's going to be a wrench leaving for Uni. Of course, I get to be with Seb full time from then on but I'll still miss the comradeship and all the little daily rituals of school life together. I worry a bit that I won't make friends quite like these in France. It's a fact about French culture that people don't make deep friendships easily. Of course, in a way it will just be the reverse of now. Now I see my friends every day and have Seb in the holidays. Since we'll be living by the med I'm pretty sure that our friends will be wanting to visit at every opportunity and I know for sure that No-no and Phillip will stop at nothing to come and see us.


It's months away but going to Uni brings other transitions in my life into focus. After study a job and then making a home and a family - however we can do that. And then? Does it then settle down until we retire in 50 years time? It doesn't seem likely in some ways. I don't know how long I'll be at Uni but it could be quite a while. And I know that I need to find a job, a means to life that I can build my dreams around not one that just pays the bills and leaves me desperate to get home every day. Well, it's a long way off still. I'm feeling too optimistic to worry about any of it right now.


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Hey Sumbloke :)


I'm so glad you and Seb are going to be having a nice, fun vacation together! Morocco really sounds like a cool place. Don't worry about making friends in France, I bet you'll have tons. Besides just because they don't form deep friendships with themselves doesn't mean some won't with you. I mean friendship is a two-way street if you continue to treat people as you always have it's likely that it'll still just sorta "happen".


Yeah I definitely know what you mean about worrying about finding a job and starting a family etc. I graduate in three months and I have absolutely no idea what sort of job I'll get. I'm planning to back for grad. school in a year or two (I just want a break now), so it'll probably be something temporary unless I like it so much I just stick with it and shoot grad. school in the foot. Also of course I don't have a significant other :( . But I"m not worried (much). I just assume everything will fall into place. And I definitely think your own life will too, you've got alot going for you ;)


Anyway all the best and take care,


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Dear Sumbloke....Happy 18th Birthday!~!! May you and Seb/Surfi have a blast in Morroco and enjoy your Birthday!


You will have a lot of friends in France...that is just the wonderfulness that is you....your home with Seb/Surfi will be filled with lots of love, family and friends....so fear not.....one day at a time and the rest falls into place:)


Enjoy the warmth of Morroco and your Birthday and your time with Seb/Surfi....life will still be waiting for you when you return:)


Birthday Hugs and Best wishes sent to you and Seb/Surfi:)



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Take care and have fun on your trip Bloke.


Turning 18 is a little scary. I remember that it seems like everything is uphill for some reason.


Any road, no matter how steep the incline, is not nearly so daunting as long as you are in good company.


I have no doubt that your family, friends and Surfie will be with you the whole way.




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:wizard: HIPPITTY HAPPITTY HOPPITTY BIRTHDAY :music: u got 2 have lots of fun n take lots of pics n come home safe. n i m gonna miss u n think of u n may b make lots of stuff in ur blog :lmao:


O n some huggles 4 all of u b4 u go :2thumbs:



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Happy Birthday dude! I hope it's a really amazing one, you're a teriffic person and I wish you and Seb all the best :D



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Did you get home yet :unsure:


Got back early this morning. Thanks all of you for the messages. I'll blog soon I expect - after all I have tomorrow off school :) .


Morocco is amazing and you all have to visit it. I think Seb and I will have our ear-piercing ceremony there maybe ;) . (And if you don't get that joke, read Sea Change now.

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