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Featured Story: Bound And Bound - The Curse And The Captives

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Renee Stevens


Who's ready to start a new week? To start us off this week, Valkyrie was kind enough to provide us a review of Bound and Bound - The Curse and the Captives by GA Author and poet, AC Benus. I hope you enjoy Valkyrie's review as much as I did. If you do decide to go and read, make sure to leave a review to let AC Benus know how you're enjoying his work. Also, if anyone is interested in writing a review for the blog, please PM me (Renee).





Reviewer: Valkyrie
Status: Complete
Word Count: 151,691


Bound & Bound held me captive right from the beginning. I had read a few of AC Benus’ stories and enjoyed them, so decided to check out B&B when he started posting it. I found myself riveted by every chapter and was frequently the first to ‘like’ or comment on new chapters, since I had to read them immediately after they were posted.


The story follows two parallel storylines – alternating every three chapters between the past and the present. The opening chapter introduces us to this ‘modern gothic’ novel in a way reminiscent of Poe’s The Raven. Emeric Corvin receives some bad news and from there his life becomes crazier than he ever expected. We are led on a journey that takes us around the world, into the realm of Rumi mysticism, supernatural creatures, family curses, and the meaning of true love. I guarantee you will need tissues at some points during this story. Despite the dark undertone, AC manages to bring light and levity when needed in a masterful and oftentimes poetic way.


One of the things that impressed me with this story was the attention to detail. It is very evident that AC did a lot of research for this novel; from the use of Canadian spelling to descriptions of locations and historical figures. His description of Castle Corvin made it seem like a living entity. This story touched me very profoundly – even sparking dreams involving elements from it, which is unusual for me, since I don’t tend to dream about what I read or watch on TV.


I highly recommend this story, especially if you like gothic literature with a supernatural element. AC makes the reader think with each chapter, and it’s beautifully written.


Category: Fiction Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller/Suspense

Tags: Philosophy, Mind Control, Sorcery, Vampire, Were-Creatures, Love Rating: Mature

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Recommended Comments

I can only agree totaly with what is already said.


I read the book when it was already complete and was my introduction to the work of AC. Now I'm an addict. 


Read this one first and there is much more valuable work by his hand worth exploring.

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Beyond being a modern gothic novel, like all of AC's works, you will have your emotions roused and exercised--be ready for that. I'm not talking about being scared, or made to cry, but also about anger, exasperation and in the end, like Pandora's Box, you will find Hope. Not only is it a story of Love, but of the struggle to become an adult, a person worthy of love. You will curse the evil characters, but also yell at the protagonists as they make this journey through an emotional minefield.

It's well worth the journey.

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This came at such a perfect time. I have been pestering anyone I could find for a story recommendation. I like 'love' as the main theme of the stories I read but not at the cost of them being too cliché. This sounds like the story I have been looking for. So much going for this one. I can't contain my excitement. :D Thank you Valkyrie, for the review.


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