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I am embarrassed and ashamed. I hoped that people in my country would never say things like ’Fucking niggers! Let them drown. We should burn them.’ ever again. But they do. Out in the open, not hidden anymore in some back room. And they do more. They burn down refugee homes, they organize torch parades, they post hate speeches on facebook and other the social medias.


We are a democracy. They are allowed to do at least some of this. But I say No! Loud and clear. I neither tolerate nor accept racists.


You may ask why I’m doing this here. I saw a comment by Anja Reschke yesterday. She asked us to say no and that is what I do.
For those who speak German, here is what she said.


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May the NO of the large majority of your countrymen be heard loud and clear by the hatemnongers. In your country, in mine, and in the rest of the world.



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Thanks for posting this. I am out of 'likes,' but this deserves my entire quota for the day! 

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I say NO with you, Adi.

We must never forget, that the hate of the ever growing group no-brainers may now target others, but it takes oh so little to divert their attention to other minorities, like the GLBT community.


Thanks for focussing our attention on it.

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We face the same fight in Sweden too. Just a few days ago our extremist party put up a really offensive add campaign in the subway. Sure, they have the right to speak their mind, but so many people said NO loud and clear. We all have to speak up!

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My German is worse than I expected... Would you manage to find a transcript somewhere? I tried to Google but she has too many comments... 

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All it takes for the haters to win is that others do nothing. Stand up and speak up.


Thanks for posting this, Aditus.

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We are having the same problem in Finland. There was a racist FB post from one of the MPs and it was answered with a very load and visible NO. But it is very scary how many ordinary people think it´s ok to be a racist, not that they think they are being racist just patriotic. 

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"You don't fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity." ~ Bobby Seale


I stand with aditus, I say NO!

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I find this very disturbing. It show how far the world hasn't come. There are so many truly good people in the world, in all countries, but hate is a part of humanity that seems to lurk in the shadows, waiting to pounce at any opportunity. Democracy should not be used as a cover. It should be used as a weapon against this sort of thing, to make laws that ensure this can't flourish, and that comes from the people. Good for you, and all who make a stand. Anja Reschke is an everyday hero... there needs to be more of them. Thank you for bringing attention to this, Adi... Gary.

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