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Yeow! Busy Busy Busy!

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I've been a busy beaver. I spent all day Friday writing. Mostly this was on my entry for the Winter Anthology. Today, I spent the entire day working on the site. I streamlined a few things, made the links correct in many areas and put a real effort in to make sure as many pages as possible met coding standards. A few had to be given up for lost for the time being. (The Story archive and any page with lots of stuff from Amazon, are the offenders)I've also managed to catch up on a number of movies that I had purchased, but not yet taken the time to watch. Tomorrow, I hope to get more writing done and perhaps squeeze a novel in.I'm not planning on site work beyond posting a story (hopefully) for Dan ;) (or Comsie... I forgot the schedule he said he was going to stick to)I've managed to put to rest quite a few site-related items on my to do list. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll get the help I need to keep this place up and running. My choice is to run myself ragged or let things fall behind. I've made an all out effort in the last few days to catch up on some stuff. Perhaps, over the week, I'll be able to knock off the skins that I've been meaning to do. *sigh* The work is never done. Enough of my rambling.

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