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Word Painting With Added Sound

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I've always had an interest in poetry - discovering Live-Poets here reawakened it and I was fascinated, watching the art and craft of its creation. Only as an onlooker, you understand, a point of view I mistakenly committed to print. :rolleyes:

This, of course, prompted a friend to challenge me: didn't I think I could produce some verse? Err … no, was the short answer but all that did was to make him prod me again: why not? Well, because…. In the end we agreed to never say 'never' and left it at that.

One of the games on the forum lends itself to poetry sometimes – usually short snippets of witty, rhyming verse and on this particular day we were deluged with it. Imagine my horror when, taking a bath, I found myself composing something similar … And I had to get out of the bath early to write it down, otherwise it would have slipped away. Is this 'infection' temporary? I asked my friend. His answer of No sounded far too happy for my liking.

During the time I wasn't logging onto GA, I read some of his recent poems - I don't mean I studied them, I skimmedthem and some of the reviews. Almost as soon as I moved away, things started fermenting: words, phrases, images started bubbling up. It was so suprising and almost as if I was sharing my head with someone else.

Anyway, I find myself now a slightly bewildered writer of verses - I can't help feeling this situation is temporary and normal service will be resumed - soon.

The following poems are dedicated to my friend, without whom nothing here would have been created.

don't breathe

waiting intensely

while the silence echoes

until the moment for applause




always watching

now preparing, then one

glorious sound triumphantly

bursts forth,


shimmering perfection dying

slowly away until

nothing remains

but breath




mind wandering, eyes turning

inward, ears hear without listening



dull senses are snared, firing up,

alert, 'Where are we? There,

I think. That's my

cue. Now!'


one note

softly hovers,

casting light into the

rapt, list'ning dark until at last

it dies

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Recommended Comments

I wondered if these were from you when i read the first two. It made sense to me. I'm glad I was right and I'm glad you shared them. They are wonderful. Congrats.


And so you know, myself and others i know, best ideas happen in shower, or bath - in fact some of us go there on purpose. I believe it's the water because the same things happens by rivers, lakes and streams. 


glad you got your brave on .. never be afraid to put yourself out there.. somebody will always catch you



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I figured it was somebody from the "Dead Composers" thread, since they immediately evoked the sense of a musician on stage.  Lovely, and I'm glad Parker convinced you to give it a go.  :)

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I'm so glad you are back, this time with poetry :hugs:

Do you remember, you did not want to write a blog, because it seemed too off topic :-P

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When Parker posted your first two, I knew they were yours (because you had told me beforehand), but I did not 'get them.' On the second reading, I suddenly saw you there, waiting and reading the score for your big moment of performance.


I couldn't say that on Live-Poets because I'd likely give away your identity, but now I can say they are wonderfully evocative of that moment, and I loved them. Thanks for coming back to us with a Tutti!

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