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Foul Plans



So today there was basketball game in the regional tournement and i had planned on going with my best friend Brittany... (I have two other best friends you will surely hear about)... but things didnt go as planned. I was supposed to go to her house and hang out until it was time to go, but she ended up having an unsuspected softball practice... so there you go... i couldn't go home with her and i had no way with meeting her to hitch a ride... see both of my parents work... and i haven't gotten my liciense yet (i'll be able to get them in a month though)... so i still have to depend on my parents for transportation... any way my sister was supposed to stay for ess (extend school services) to work on her writing portfolio. But we got to school in a very unreliable district... so it got cancelled. She called my dad (who was supposed to pick her up) and told him. He told her to ride the bus to my granny's house. So she got a bus note. mean while i was finding out that i wouldn't gonna get to go to the game... so i called and told my dad that i was just gonna go on home and he told me to call my sister and tell her to get on the bus with me.


Of course being the good teen that i am i called my sister and informed her that we were to go on home... so we ride the bus home.


So i unloaded the diswasher and loaded it while she was on the internet and the next thing i know my mom has called and is yelling at us and telling us off for not letting her know where we were at. So i calmly explained to here of our plans that had been cancelled... she said that it didnt matter that i should have called and told that they were cancelled. I totally agree with her... don't get me wrong... i should have... but she had just about every member of our family out looking for us. SHE FREAKED OUT! i mean she was trippin and after i tried to explain eveything to her again... she just got even more mad and made me and my sister clean every bit of the downstairs.


It was dirty and i had planned on cleaning this evening anyway so... yeah... there you go that is how today went in all of its splended glory.


So just so you know my closest friends are Brittany, Brandi, and Travis :wub: ... he is the one i am crushing on...


so i hope every one is well and had a uniquely interesting day like mine... i hope we won our game tonight...


later ~ nick :read:


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