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Room For Another?




When I first joined GA in March this year, it was as a reader (with posting photos as a sideline). I had no urge to write anything except the odd review. In fact, apart from one local history booklet written as part of my work, I haven't written anything of any length since my student days. I've never thought as myself as a frustrated novelist, poet or any other sort of writer.


GA (and you, its wonderful inhabitants) have been slowly working your magic. First, I was persuaded that I might have the odd verse or two in me, and then I found myself writing a couple of filmic scripts set in the Last Post Wins universe. I now find that the effects of the writing bug are long lasting and seem to increase as time passes. My latest LPW effort is 9000 words long and counting, I've completed one (prose) prompt and another one is brewing slowly in the background.


So, I shall soon (ie in the next few weeks) take the plunge, become an Author and so be the latest, very wet-behind-the-ears recruit to the ranks. I know I have much to learn but where better to do so than GA? I don't understand where this desire to write came from – but I'm happy that it's here.

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I had dabbled a bit with writing as a teenager and in college, but it wasn't until I joined GA that I felt the urge to take up the pen again.  There's something about the supportive nature of this site that's very inviting to new authors.  I'm so happy I found it. :) 

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Good for you northie and as Drew said Yay!! You'll look great in red with this :joe: on your head

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I joined and was gradually encouraged to write until I couldn't stop too! It can be the start of an amazing journey; I publish now. Either way, GA is a great home for authors AND readers, and especially for those of us who are both.

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I know you'll come around. That's what GA always do to you; give you the Liberty to live. :D


By the way, Welcome to the Gang. :thumbup::)

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