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:2thumbs: So awesome! You should tell those bosses of yours that they should transfer that guy down here where I live... we could sure use some good help in the store by my house! I HOPE this guy knows how to safely use a cheap army pocket knife :nuke: Wouldn't want him to hurt hilself or accidentally cut off some useful parts he needs to keep doing a great job... sucking up 0:)


But seriously, I'm soooooooooooooo jealous! :worship: How come you have won three times and I haven't even won once? :thumbdown: Hmmmmmmmmm :wacko: Whatever!


Congrats hun! :hug:

Now... get back to sucking! :ph34r:


Viv :P

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Bard Man:)


Congratulations!!!! And your story should get blog entry of the month award..you had me totally going!!!


Even I thought....WTF...what they were thinking passing up Bard like that..rofl....if Mikie reads this, I bet he will give you extra huggles and even get to hug his new penguin icon:)


Way Cool Bard....standing ovation on a great job:)


Congratulations, oh cool Employee of the Month:) 3 times over:)


and dear little sister Viv....your bosses are just well dumbos for not picking you....we know you rule:)


(who gives out green tee shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness..we know they are supposed to be pink....so well, your bosses don't have their act together and you get their chestnuts out of the fire....and even get your hubby cool jeans..so hey you are cool Mom and wife of the year:)


Bard you are just coolest of the cool....your blog entry....way cool..rofl....you are a tricky one and sly one Mr. Bard....hee hee:)


so cool...You got me:)



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