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update on jonnyboy's life



Anyway, so I'm in the second semester of my junior year of nursing school. This semester I am taking Pharmacology II, Nursing Research, Care of Families/Maternal-Newborn Nursing, and Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing. Care of Families and Psych of course both have clinical components, which the clinicals this semester seem kinda screwy. LAST semester we spen 8 weeks in one hospital and 8 weeks in the second hospital. Things should be so easy this go around. I spent 3 weeks in maternal-newborn rotations, 3 weeks in family planning stuff, and 6 weeks in a psych hospital. On top of that, I have to schedule 6 individual clinicals on my own without school assisstance. The clinicals I have to schedule are all things related to substance abuse or other things such as Over-eaters Anonymous, etc etc. So I have to travel to a total of 10 different clinical sites this semester. They have also added a book review, a term paper in psych, and a written critique of a nursing research article (which she says should be no longer than 15 pages, but HA the joke is on her becuz she will be doing good to get 5 pages out of me on that one!). This semester I see a lot of babies in clinicals...they sure are cute! however, their screaming after getting shots is quite near unbearable :blink: . Poor thangs!


Let's see, oh yes, back in October, maybe even September, I went to the eye doctor. I bought one pair of cheepo glasses and ordered another pair to be paid for through this program to which I belong. I get a letter from the program telling me that they did not approve my request to pay for the glasses because they didnt have the funds, and I understood them to say that I would be notified if they eventually passed the request. Well, today a friend of mine calls me (cuz she used to work for the eye clinic i went to, but now she works at another branch elsewhere) from her new place of employment and says she talked to the old clinic and that they have had my glasses there for like...months i guess. Nice someone told me. lol. I get there today to pick them up and they are covered in dust. Nice. At least they were free :2thumbs: .


Okay, so like somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 YEARS ago, I had a conversation in which I kinda made a pass at a guy I was friends with (he was str8 so dont ask me what the heck I was thinking, and dont ask me what I did to be considered a pass :blush: ) So, someone found out and had a conversation with me...they were nice about it but...anyway. So forward to current day. I'm like best friends with a guy named Justin. We are gonna move in together and split rent. He's str8 and planning on getting married. His future brother in law somehow talks to someone who remembered my "pass" on that other guy 8 years ago :blink: and of course runs and tells justin and the future father in law about it. Justin does not return my calls for like 3 weeks!!! and his future father in law CALLS ME AND ASKS ME ABOUT IT!!! UGH! So, now my friendship is ruined, things arent the same obviously becuz of that rumor. the thing is what most ppl have heard probably isnt even what i actually said or did!!! So anyway, after 3 weeks of not talking to me, he calls to ask me about his taxes, and then says we need to get together and do something. Two days after that, his exgirlfriend calls me and says he broke up with her. I call him. He comes over and washes my car to earn some cash, and we went out to eat. I told him he should have asked me about it himself instead of ignoring me for 3 weeks over a stupid 8 year old rumor that has grown out of proportion! he agreed, we chatted but things were still not the same. He left and I havent heard from him again for like 5 days now. So much for friendship. He doesnt even have family that lives around here and he knows noone esle..so he must prefer to sit alone in his room instead of having to be seen with me in public now cuz he heard a rumor that implies I might be gay (which i guess i am but he didnt know that for sure). I'm upset over this.


So I have decided to drown myself in Nursing. LOL. It can only help my grades! But I have no life again. It's funny how ppl freackin panic over stuff.


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Umm, so Justin sounds like... he's missing out on at least being friends with a smart, caring guy if you ask me! LOSER! Whatever, if he's too chicken and too closed minded....


Anyway, school sounds like.... :wacko: and a lot of work!


Hugs, Viv


P.S. Thanks for being charitable in CA! B)

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aww man jon, you need some :hug::hug::hug:


i wish i could give you one in person, but this'll have to do for now.



i hate it when people you think are friends turn out to be anything but. it's possible he'll come around, but if he was brought up homophobic, probably not.


sounds like school will at least keep you busy, just don't burn yourself out--you gotta have some fun, or it's just not worth it in the long run, especially if you start to resent what your doing while keeping yourself busy.



but, if you're anything like me, work will consume you and your thoughts and it wont bother you as much after a few days.



ok thats all i got, except a few more :hug::hug::hug:






---I'm no expert and can not condone the use of; or take resposibilty for the use of; any advice given.---

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What is it about people, like I just don't get it. :devil: Are people so damn afraid of what people will think that they would rather become weirdo and not enjoy life. Like who gives a crap what people do as long as they are happy. Unless of course it means they are harming someone else in some way, then that's not cool. :thumbdown:


Am I rambling? Yep, like always. Jon forget it, you have us, and your school. Welcome to the boards, I hope you post often.


Later dude,



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Welcome to the bloggage!


Now that we are in withdrawal from Dom's DD, resistance is futile.


We must blog!




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