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What's in an Avatar?



Ok Guys... The time has come. New entry time. What's in an Avatar? 

This is an important entry for me. With my blindness, I have no clue about your avatars. Unless, it was described to me. 
Theirs three things I'd like to know! What is the avatar? Why did you choose it? How does it connect to your personality? 
Obviously, mine is a rainbow heart. The rainbow represents my pride in my being Gay. At my age, I don't give an F if people accept, or not. I've happily acclaimed that part of me. Just a piece of my many puzzle pieces. The heart is because I live with an open heart, express my love, and with 12 year diagnosis of HIV. My heart gratefully and courageously still beats. With the breakthroughs in medicines. Hopefully many more years to go..... So, What's in an avatar?


PS: I told @Cia what I wanted in my avatar. This beautiful woman provided what you see. 

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20 minutes ago, mogwhy said:

great new question blog. 

mine is more like a painting than a photo. it is of a "steampunk" pirate cat. sitting holding a pistol, with jewelry around the neck and a hoop earring in the ear that is not covered by a tricorn  hat. the hat has dangling bits of chains and jewels. the cat is white with brown patches. he has green eyes looking at you, with a kind of smirk on his face. i like cats, and "moggy" is another name for cat in some places in the UK. it comes from a picture that has a saying i try to live by. "The real voyage of discovery consists of not in the seeking of new landscapes, but in having new eyes"~Marcel Proust. 

i hope this helps you "see me"

Thanks Moggy! Great description. I love steampunk! 🤗

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25 minutes ago, Dennis191 said:

Used to run around here and the streets in my free time, with a Hungarian flag...Red, white, green. Reason was obvious...Pride in my origins. :)

I switched to the logo of one of my many favorite bands, Slipknot. Why them? Because it felt right. Kickass music, and I relate to most of their songs, like the songs of so many bands...lol Maybe because it`s new and exciting. 

Why the logo of a band? Closest I got to music...I think. LOL

I could have just used my face, but I don`t wanna use masks here. ;)

Tomorrow I might just change it back to an album cover from some other band. :)


It`s a big S shaped snake, with the masks of the band members on its body.

Thanks for the description little man! I told you I'd get to this. Your avatar fits you! xo

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18 minutes ago, BHopper2 said:

I've already mentioned what mine is. Wile E Coyote sitting in an armchair, in a library, reading a book, with the Roadrunner standing looking over his shoulder.

Wile E Coyote is my favorite Looney Toon Character. I have a ton of Wile theme stuff in my collection.


And why does he connect? Well, you may refer to me as a super genius.

Thanks A! You always take time to explain! You're a great friend! The coyote fits you. xo

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6 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Well if you didn't know my avatar is the new Pennywise from Stephen King's IT . My avatar changes a lot to suit my moods. But I'm super into clowns so I'll probably just keep them as clowns

Thanks for visiting Wesley! I like how it changes with mood, Would love to see you, not clowns. They've always scared me. xo

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14 minutes ago, Renee Stevens said:

My avatar is my Renee Stevens logo. It's done in somewhat flowing script, the R is a dark blue and the S is kind of a minty green. The R sits slightly above and overlaps the S. In the background is reds and yellows in kind of a color cloud where the red merges into the yellow, and showing through that are a few lines from one of my stories.

Thanks Renee. Its a cool sounding logo. I love the meaning behind the avatar hon! xo

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13 minutes ago, Reader1810 said:

Okay, I tried, but I can't find the post that is the reason I have a green worm reading a red hardcover book as my avatar. 


Long story short, back in October 2015, or it might have been September, Drew Espinosa posted an acronym that I solved. My prize was the picture of a bookworm reading a book.


The bookworm, as I said, is green. It's kind of a bright shade like neon, but not quite. There are aso lines spaced equally apart that look like joints along the worms body from top to bottom. It looks like the bookworm is sitting down with its, I don't know, tail, I guess extending out from its upper body and to the right. The worm is wearing large round spectacles. 


The title on the fire engine red book is The Puzzling Tale of Reader the Heroic Worm. The title is on the spine of the book, but you can't see it on the avatar. However, it can be seen in the photo I have saved in my tablet's photo folder. 


Specically, I chose it because it was a gift from Drew. Besides, it's super cute! He picked it, obviously, because he knew and still knows, I love to read. I'd say, he hit the mark with this one. :D 





Thanks Reader! Avatar fits you. Sounds adorable. I love the meaning and backstory behind it. xo

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53 minutes ago, Puppilull said:

Fun question! I've had two avatars. My first, a rooster (also known as a four letter double entendre word...) which I thought was so clever. However, only one person ever asked me why I had that avatars. So my perfect reply "Well, I like c..k" got almost no use... :(  


Now, I have a text. It says "I'm a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind" against a white and red background. It sums me up as a writer and as a person. A self declaration. 

Thanks Puppi! If you had the rooster, I would have said what's with the c*ck?

 I love the text. Witty and something I relate too. ☺️

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