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Favorite Self-Written Story #3: Admin Edition

Renee Stevens


It's been a couple of months since we've done one of these, so I thought for the first one of the New Year, why not find out the favorite self-written stories by our GA Admins.  I hope you all enjoy the answers from me, Myr, Cia, and wildone!  Enjoy! And if you decide to go read any of these, let us know what you think!!! Also, I've got another one of these features partially complete, but need some more entries for it. If you haven't already done so, pick your favorite self-written story and PM me the title, link, and your reason why it's your favorite!





Nick Cringle



Description: Nick's father dies and he goes to the family owned school before he takes over the family business at Christmas.


Note from Author:  I think my favorite story that I have written is still Nick Cringle, though A Bad Day to be WET comes a close second.  I tried really hard in Nick Cringle to present a modern story with a twist.  The fantasy elements of the story didn't happen until the very end, though I put hints in.  It was also a really positive story for me.  I thought I pulled off the characters and the atmosphere I was aiming for.  






Description: Davis has been alone for a long time. Between his club and his job essentially as a mercenary for Velaku, the local Carthera leader who let him live in his territory, he has little time to worry about finding a mate. If that is even possible for one of his kind. That doesn't mean he doesn't want one though.


Note from Author: Hypnotic is one of my favorite stories because it incorporates so many things that are very personal, and of course I love paranormal stories. I suffer from migraines, so I used a lot of the pain from those to shape Ellis’ character. Living with chronic conditions can really affect someone’s life, and it definitely has his. Of course, a migraine is how he meets Davis Retic, the deadly Snake Carthera who is instantly captivated by him and vice versa. Snakes, to me, and gorgeous but scarily dangerous and I really wanted that vibe for my Snake in the story. Based on the reaction of my readers, I totally succeeded. Eventually, I’d love to publish the entire Carthera series… but for me, Hypnotic is definitely my favorite. *To fully understand all aspects of this story, you should read the first 2 stories in the Carthera Takeover Tales*



There All Along



Description: He laughs, tears escape from his mother’s eyes, pieces of life flash before us as I watch all of us ride the big coaster, being together, there all along.


Note from Author: When Renee asked me to pick my favourite story, it was hard and I only have 3 stories to choose from!! I had a lot of fun working with Renee and the concept of my most recent one, but my heart still goes to the first of 3 anthologies I have written; There All Along. I learned a lot of what you might consider basic writing skills to make an idea into a story with the lovely Viv guiding and challenging me. It sure makes me appreciate all the Authors on the site and what they do. The idea early was to write a story that had the reader believing in their impressions and then when the ending happened, you could go back and see that really those ideas were based on assumptions. If you haven't read it yet, give it a quick read and let me know what you thought.




Burning Bright

Renee Stevens


Description: Bryce has suffered from migraines for years. He's finally on a migraine preventative, but even that can't stop all of them. When one hits at an inopportune time, he has to depend on Kevin to take care of him.


Note from Author: I now know exactly how hard it can be to choose a favorite. Many of my stories are a favorite for one reason or another, but Burning Bright ranks among the top. Even though it's one of my shorter stories, at just under 3,000 words, it's one of those stories that, as a migraine sufferer, feels very real to me. Even though I know what a migraine feels like, I started wondering how others would describe their migraines. So I went on a search to find out. I was amazed at some of the descriptions I found and how perfect they fit what I've felt myself. The idea for Burning Bright came when I was driving home one day and had a migraine hit. Luckily, I was very close to home when my vision started deteriorating, so was able to make it, but I wondered what if I hadn't been able to get home before it hit. It was then that I decided to write a short story that answered that question. Burning Bright remains one of my favorites because it is so realistic (at least in my opinion) and has some of the best descriptive writing of all my stories. I hope, if you read it, that you agree!



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Recommended Comments

Hypnotic is a story I have read on multiple occasions. Davis is my favorite, the way he can go from being a confident professional to an insecure lover is wonderfully written. 

I love the entire Carthera Takeover series. I like the characters and the storylines capture and keep my attention every time I reread them. :worship:


Unfortunately, I haven't read the others listed here, but they will be added to my ever growing to be read list and I will look forward to reading them :) 

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I've only read Cia's Hypnotic, but I will check the others out for sure. Like Tim and Caz, I love the Carthera Takeover Tales immensely, but Hypnotic is my very favorite as well. Davis Retic is a consummate character study, and I was enthralled by him. I've gone back to it a couple of times, and likely will again.:) 

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Read and reviewed Nick Cringle. Sweet and fun story, Myr. Kudos and cheers... Gary....

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Gosh I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite from among most of what you guys have written.  I don’t know @Renee Stevens, I still think Reese’s Choice is my favorite of your stories, though I think it’s just cause I remember how much fun it was to participate in the comments each week as you posted.  That was one of the first stories I did that with on the site, after months and months of mostly lurking.  That being said, I haven’t actually read Burning Bright so I’ll have to check that out.

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I managed to read one more, and I'm glad I did. As I said in my review, There All Along, by Wildone is a well written little gem that makes you think. Thank you, Steve. I found it very satisfying, and I will remember this one for a long time. :) 

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