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Staying in the Habit and my day



Since the beginning of November, I have been posting regular blogs in various places.  A big part of this has been getting into the habit of writing regularly.  Some of the blogs I do in batches and others, like this one, is posted when I'm done writing it.  For the last few years, I've had a lower profile on the site and lot of the new folks don't know much about me.  So, I've also been trying to be more personable.  Well, as much as a grumpy bear can be personable at least. lol. 


So part of this habit is to make sure that I write something every single day.  Now, that all of that is blogs, as I am working on entries for the anthologies and other writing projects.  I've found that my creativity is flowing better if I write a blog entry of some sort before jumping into story writing.  Not sure why, but it's working for me for now. :)


I am at my mother's this weekend.  I've been going through the slow process of moving back in with her.  I built my mancave in her barn last year and now I'm looking for a job I can jump to in her area.  Saves a ton of money for both of us to share resources.  And moving back in with her frees her up from a bunch of stuff so she can help my grandparents.  So, anyway, we're talking about more renovations to the house.  Upgrading the bathroom, the kitchen and turning a room into my dedicated office.  The office will give me a place to close the door and do work.  It would not be a place to play.  Apparently, psychologically, it is much easier to discipline ourselves when we keep the areas we work and the areas we play separate.


I seem to have rambled a bit :)  I'm going to get off the computer for now and go take care of some of the stuff I moved back here, then go do some organizing/planning in my mancave.  I plan on doubling the size of my mancave by converting the backroom of the barn into my little rec room complete with a pellet stove for our long winter months.  I'm also planning on sticking a 3d printer in there when I'm all done so I can design and make stuff.  

When I say barn, by the way... this is what I mean:

the Barn


It is 120 years old for those keeping score.  We've got some work to do in a couple of places, especially after last year's internal roof work.  They installed collar ties and supports for the roof trusses, as it is basically wide open upstairs.  

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What a great space for your mancave :) I agree with you completely about having work and personal space separate.  I used to bring work home with me occasionally, especially if I got behind on writing my case notes, but don't do that anymore.  Now that we're using a computer program to enter our paperwork, I find I can keep up with it easier since I don't have to worry about printing everything out at the end of the month anymore.  I will admit to doing a fair share of my writing at work, but usually when I'm caught up on everything or during my lunch break.  I also do a lot of writing when I have a student intern, since there isn't much else for me to do, at least once they get established.  They blocked my personal computer from our work wifi system, so it's forced me to focus on other things.  So, while annoying, it's actually been quite good for my writing.  :) 



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