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The CSR for the last 2 months were completely different from our usual format. Usually we feature a story, do an interview with the author, etc... but we had a few holiday blogs planned on the Mondays the CSR usually happens so we went with holiday stories--and we have a lot on GA! Did you read one over the last 2 months you loved? A feel-good holiday slice of sweetness? Or a bittersweet moment that resonated with you? Maybe it a new story released by the author this year or perhaps one of the flash fiction stories from the White Elephant Gift Prompt Game?  Or an older story that caught your eye, perhaps from one of the many holiday-themed anthologies? Share your thoughts on a story in the comments below!   Some holiday stories you might have missed:
The Gift by Sam Wyer Lucky Kitty said: Oh my goodness! I lost it when Craagen gently squeezed Tligg's bobble! Glad I wasn't drinking coffee, I'd have a mess to clean up. Thanks for this sneak peek into elven culture.   Santa and His Dirty Little Elf by Dahawk Okiegrad said: Loved it!!  Made me smile and laugh and was a great way to start my day!
An Advent Calendar by Aditus, Cole Matthews, and Valkyrie Timothy M said of "Christmas Spirit": Like a (reverse) Hans Christian Andersen tale. The innocent child rips the veil from their eyes and brings understanding.
Mistletoe and Handgrenades by K.C.  Kiltie69 said:  I have a term I use when I'm blown away, I've used if only once or twice in GA Woof. . Loved it.   So do you have a favorite holiday story on Gay Authors?