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So, normally today would be an Improve & Encourage feature, and while I do have one, I am extremely low on blog content, so that feature will continue next month so that I can get the word out about the various blog opportunities available to authors. I need at least one more "Favorite Self-Written Story" and then I'll have one of those features ready as well. I am also adding a story recommendation opportunity so that readers can send me their favorite stories without having to write a full review. Simply PM me and make sure to put the feature you are sending in the subject box.  I hope to hear from all of you soon!   Story Recommendation Open to both authors and readers. Simply pick a story you'd like to recommend and send me a link to the story and a single paragraph (preferably without spoilers) to say why you'd like to recommend that story to readers. I will do 3 - 5 recommendations for each feature, so lets get those recommendations coming in!   Improve & Encourage *NEW* The idea is for an author to read a story by a fellow author and provide detailed feedback, both positive and negative (constructive criticism). This is also a great way to find new authors that you haven't read before. The way it would work, is you would read a story/poem (of your choice) by the author who's post is above yours in the thread. Then you would write out a critique following a set of guidelines and send it to me via PM or email ( You can find the guidelines and other information, as well as sign up to participate, in the thread. (If you signed up and haven't yet sent in your I & E critique, please do so soon!)   New Author Advice Do you remember when you first started posting your writing? Is there something that you wish you had known prior to first hitting that submit button? Now's your chance to share your knowledge with other authors just starting out! Simply PM your advice to Renee Stevens.   Writing Tips Have something you would like to share with other authors and readers about your writing process? This could be a number of things, including stuff like: building characters, grammar and editing tips, getting started, plotting, handling criticism, etc. Really anything that you can think of that has to do with the process of writing.   3 Story Promo If you'd like to have your GA stories featured in the blog, send me the links to the stories, the description, and the following information. What gave you the idea for this story? What was your favorite thing about writing this story? Please tell us something about this story that is not already in the description.   Favorite Self Written Story I'd like to know your favorite story that you've written and posted on GA. All I need is a link to the story and a single paragraph as to why that is your favorite. I will do 3 - 5 authors for each feature.     Author Interview If you'd like to be interviewed for the blog, then please fill out the attached list of interview questions and PM it to me (Renee Stevens). You can also attach a short author bio if you'd like. Author Interviews will be posted in the order they are received.   GA Author Interview.docx