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Life is hard.



I talked to Tianna. She's doing amazingly well, though she'll freely admit that she's not dealing with it appropriately and that's why she's so okay about everything. She said Martina is doing alright too. I can't even imagine what Martina is going through. I realize Tianna lost her best friend but Martina was there, was watching it happen, called her mother for help, to tell her Mikael was dead. I don't know. I just hope that if they realize they're not dealing with it appropriately they'll find some outlet to help them deal with things. I just don't want to see anyone having a breakdown and it seems a little to likely to happen.


In other news Big S. and I were talking about Little S. She missed her appointment again. And Big S. was shocked to hear my theory on Little S. fishing for reasons to keep the baby, because she was thinking the same thing. I don't know what the hell is going to happen with this one. I'm getting a little bit more hopeful and certain that she's going to end up re-evalutating and keeping the baby, but you never know. Once again I hope she makes the right decision for her, and just for her, whatever. She seems to be a little caught up with everyone else's emotions that I think she's forgetting she needs to decide this for her. I just hope she comes out alright.


Otherwise life is moving along. Hours got cut at work, so I have alot more free time, but less income. Marilynn might get in trouble. As horrible as it is to say, I sort of hope she does. She calls out sick every time she has to work with someone she doesn't like working with. It's unfair to the rest of the Pharmacy staff to have to go out of their way to accomodate her ridiculous needs. Also, she is out of her ever loving mind. The other day Leslie and I had to bust our ass twice as hard because she couldn't find her favorite counting tray so she spent almost an hour ignoring the other 3 free trays and looking for "hers", and then another hour or so sitting in the chair crying, complaining about how she couldn't work without her tray, and how all the stress was giving her a headache. And, of course the geen eyed monster in me comes out, if she gets fired, I get more hours. I know I sound horrible for saying that, but I'm beyond the point of compassion with this woman. I may as well be schedualed for her shifts, I end up working them anyway.


I've also already started planning my birthday parties. Not to pat myself on the back, but my parties are legends in their own right. I remeber in highschool even the upper eschelon of the social elite was jealous that they didn't get an invite. I usually have some sort of goal for my party. This year my goal is to get my mom to do a keg stand and to get it on video. I'm also planning a fourth of July party. I have more illegal fireworks than I know what to do with, and I can't effing wait to set them off.


Also, as one last random amusing story. My driveway is the size of a parking lot, so I hardly ever use any sort of caution when I am barrelling down it, parking my car at 126 mph. Well the other night I'm doing 126 mph down my driveway when I almost ran over the neighbors kid. Apparently, these sneaky little f**kers have been waiting for everyone to leave the house, then they come over to play basketball on the old hoop we have but never use any more. Obviously I wasn't upset because I love my neighbors, they're awesome. I was actually incredibly amused. So I gave them unconditional permission to use our yard to play in, including the driveway and basketball hoop, on the condition that if any of them get killed by my car, it's their fault for tresspassing. We were equally amused by that. I think they may have been less amused had they realized I was serious.


Anyway, I'm exhausted, so I am the sleep. Goodnight.


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