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At the Swim Meet



For those of you who aren't aware, a straight guy going to a swim meet is kind of unusual unless he has an ulterior motive. Apparently being around other guys in speedos makes you *gasp* gay. So, I wander down to the pool with a litany of reasons why I might be at a swimmeet other than to check out guys. I was umm... "Going to cheer on friends!" Or... "going to help out!" I was... going for snacks, curious about the sport... It turns out that my careful plotting was unnecessary. As soon as I walked up to the pool, excuse at the ready, the coach of the swim team came up, and thrust a stop-watch in my hands and told me to be a timer. It turns out they were short on timers and I was available...


Despite the fact the opposing team was wearing the "classic" speedo that just happened to be flesh colored, I found I didn't have much time to be physically distracted. I was too busy trying to be accurate to 1/100th's of a second. I'd be lying of course if I said I didn't do any looking... It's kind of hard to ignore the guys when they're standing on a platform so that their arse is pretty much directly in your line of vision. And there were some really really hot guys on the other team. Several fell under the "hot, blonde, surfer" category and if I hadn't been concentrating I'd have had whiplash from turning to look at all the different hot guys as they walked past. I managed to get by without totally outing myself by focusing on timing, and staring at the lovely vista of the mountains in the distance. Or the blue sky. Or the females. Thank god for stocky female swimmers.


I think it meant something to our team that I showed up. People talked with me, asked how I was handling the "speedo situation" [my response: The sky is such a fascinating shade of blue, don't you think? I've been examining its many intricacies for the past hour...] and I think appreciated that someone showed enough interest to come by, and not leave disgusted after five minutes. Thankfully, our team wore "jammers" which is a kind of speedo that extends down the leg. It leaves more to the imagination; and I'll admit, it feels slightly weird thinking about my classmates in a sexual context; I know them too well. With a few exceptions of course.


And what of hot blonde surfer guy? I don't think he expected me to show up but when I did he was pleased. He waved to me when he saw me timing and he came over to talkfor awhile. He has a really nice smile, and he uses it a lot.


After talking to him, I think I'm going to the next swim meet. I'm sure they'll be um... needing timers!



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Shadows..for you....life is very very good...hot guys in Speedos.....and hot blonde surfer swimmer dude wants you to be at his meets and looks for you.......life is getting better and better for you....and wait till you are in college when you can be officially OUT in a very Gay friendly/Gay university..where you are welcome and no less with a personal note from the Dean....


I am betting that hot blonde surfer swimmer dude swims for OUR Team and he clearly has the hots for you:)


That's my story, Your Honor, and I am sticking to it.....defense rests....


verdict for Shadows and his hot surfer blonde swimmer dude....


Next case of love struck (on both sides) step down...


The Court of Love is adjourned....Good Luck Your Honor (that's you Shadows:)



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