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Me Complaining in a whole NEW FORMAT!



ATTN: Don't read this if you really don't feel like listening to a story that took place for a few years, it is long and boring. And don't say I didn't warn ya. Oh and any reference to dates ignore them, I wrote this on Thursday and didn't finish till today. Have Fun :wacko:






So in my first post I mentioned that my 'rents are getting a divorce. Well tomorrow (Friday) my mom is meeting with her lawyer for the first time. I think we are all ready for this to happen and I'll be much better when it's done. But what keeps bothering me is that I keep thinking "I hope he gets the bastard for all he is worth", is it really wrong of me?


I mean he started his games when we lived in Florida after he got laid off. My mom found out and MADE him get a job up north so they could start over, they both wanted it.... or so we thought. My "dad" came up about 6 months before the rest of us, he was SUPPOSED to find a house and get it ready. So here comes July ( a month before my bros and mom come) and my grandma and me arrive at the airport. We get to her new apartment and figure out how "nice" it is up here in Minnesota. So for the rest of my summer vacation I HAVE TO pressure my "dad" to find a house for us. He settles on this house 30 miles from where he works in another, smaller town. Let me tell you, the house is a piece of s**t, after close to two years of working on it, it still has a long way to go and we have no money to work on it. When I say WE I mean ME, I've done all the gutting, cleaning, rebuilding, and electrical in the parts we've redone. The main thing HE did was plumbing in the bathroom, which froze and busted! Okay and then Thanksgiving our first year up here he brings a lady from work that has no family (YEA RIGHT!) and I mean we've never had a problem feeding an extra person.


Flash Forward to XMAS 2004


My "dad" is moping around complaining about everything and when my mom asks whats wrong he goes on and on about how his GIRLFRIEND is all alone on xmas eve. Right there and then is when the shit hits the fan.



Over the next few months my "dad" is in and out of the house, my mom is trying to make things work but he has literally gone crazy. I think my mom realised something was wrong when he dragged her down the driveway - hanging onto his car (which he cares more about than my bro who almost lost control of it). So now we have been hanging in there by a thread and it is really begining to bug me. I mean I really want to leave for uni as fast as I can but I'd feel guilty leaving my mom and bros out here fending for themselves.


Ugh, sorry about the complaining I told you that you didn't have to read it. And I did cut it short, left out parts, etc, etc. sorry if it seems half a$$ed.







Song: Last Resort -Papa Roach


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Natey, No, I dont blame you for the feelings you have about your dad. I think it is perfectly normal for you to feel that way. If we could make things better for you we would in a heartbeat! I'm here for you bud if you ever need to talk! Hang in there.

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I really don't blame you for hating you "dad" so much. he sounds like a filthy mare whore-bastard. anyway... if you go away to college that would be good for you... i mean it will get you out of that environment... and i'm sure your mom can get a handle on things... but you do need to step up and help out quite a bit... bu t ihope everything goes well.


later ~ nick :read:

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Just because a man is heterosexual doesn't mean that he knows how to be a father.


Take a lesson from him on how not to be.


The important thing about this is for you shed your anger or when you are 40, you'll be talking to your shrink about it.


I suggest taking up the martial arts. If you don't come to terms with your anger, at least you'll be fit and able to kick azz.




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Hey Nate!


:hug: I'm really sorry about all that. You're probably better off now without him. I know it sucks but eventually it won't hurt as much. It's great of you to worry about your mom and bros. I think you should definitely be there if they need you, but don't feel bad about going to Uni. That's a very GOOD thing for you to do, and you need to live your own life, be there if and when they need you, but as long as you make it clear that you WILL be there, leave it up to them to ask ;) .


And I agree with James; try to work this stuff out now, before it festers. I'm sure we'll all be happy to listen, I know I'll do whatever I can :) , and blogging can be very therapeutic.


Please take care of yourself and I hope you feel better. :hug:


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what I hate about this story is that you're feeling bad and guilty when the adult who should be making you the center of his life is failing on his watch. But it certainly makes me proud to know you to see that you've stepped right up to the wicket and done what you can. I truly believe that what goes around comes around and for doing your best you'll get the best some day. Not because of some mystical BS but because you will have learned to try to do the right thing and as a result you'll be a bigger, better person and make good choices.


And if you *don't* go to uni, I will hunt you down and drag you there.



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